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Most common sports injuries

Sport and exercise are great ways to boost your mental well-being. Staying fit and active is not only good for your health, but it can also be a great way to socialise and add a bit of healthy competition into your life. With all the benefits of participating in sporting activities, it is easy to see why they are such a popular life choice.

However, as with everything, there is risk involved. Sports injuries, particularly at a professional level, can occur when you overwork your body or suffer an accidental injury. According to a study by medical negligence solicitors, Boyes Turner Claims, the most common injuries with football professionals is often related to muscles, knees, ankles, and cruciate ligaments and hamstrings.

These can range from the recoverable to the serious, but which sports injuries are the most common?


Concussion will usually occur in high impact sports such as boxing or football. Concussions can be mild or severe but, they should all get examined by a doctor. It may be that your symptoms include anything from a headache to dizziness or, it could cause a loss of consciousness. Concussions typically heal in a few weeks if you rest, and you can help prevent concussions by wearing protective headgear whilst playing contact sport.

Muscle strain

Strains are one of the most common injuries a sportsperson can have as they can occur in any muscle in your body. If you move, over-work or pull your muscle you can tear it, causing significant pain. Strains are particularly common in football players and the study completed by Boyes Turner Claims showed a non-specific muscle injury can see a player out for 18.7 days and miss 3.2 games.


Fractures are when the bone in your body is chipped or broken, causing significant amounts of pain. The recovery time for a fracture depends on the severity of the injury and its location on the body. It is advised that rest and recuperation is the most effective recovery for a fracture as more impact can cause further damage.


Ligaments are the tissue that connects your bones. When a ligament pulls or tears, it can cause an immense amount of pain. Sprains are typical in athletes, with the most common area of your body to sprain being your ankle. Rest is the best cure for a sprain, as a continuing impact could make it worse and be extremely painful.

Tennis elbow 

Similarly, to a sprain, a tennis elbow occurs when consistent overuse of the ligaments in your elbow causes pain within that area. Taking rests and stretching can help ease the pain and reduce the risk of tennis elbow occurring in the future.