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5G Networks Will Change the Mobile Gaming Industry As We Know It

5G is all over the place. Even if you have no idea what it is, you have probably heard your favorite phone operator bragging about safer and more stable connections, infrastructure, and whatnot. The 5th generation mobile network is supposed to bring more reliable data transfers, with no interruptions, high coverage, low latency, and massive capacity. One thing’s for sure, it is as revolutionary as the internet itself. What many believe is that it will also change the world of gaming.

Whether that is true or not, only time will tell. At least that is what Aleksandra Maj claims. This Polish gaming specialist (read more about her here tends to be a bit more reserved, as she has seen a fair share of “spectacular” innovations in her lifetime, and career as a gaming expert.

Mobilne kasyno or mobile casinos is where 5G network will make the most impact. Desktop gaming, on the other hand, will remain pretty much the same. For an average consumer, the upgrade won’t be noticeable at all”, Maj is honest. This knowledgeable gaming specialist decided to reveal why mobile gaming will change.

5G Networks Guarantee Lower Latency

According to Maj, one of the main benefits for mobile gamers will be the reduced latency of 5G networks. It will drop to an astonishing 5 milliseconds. But what does that exactly mean? Maj explains it all: “Sometimes mobile gamers experience a lot of lagging, meaning they never get to enjoy the game properly. Visual and audio effects can get seriously distorted, thus affecting your playing experience. When you play for money, this is a very serious issue. No one wants to lose, just because of poor internet connection!”

However, the expert was being completely honest, and revealed, things are not that simple. 5G will not deliver lower latency in an instant, as some players will have to upgrade their mobile devices to enjoy it fully. Furthermore, distant locations will not necessarily experience the expected boost, due to technical conditions.

5G Technologies for Safer Gaming

“Safer gaming will be possible thanks to faster transactions. Just think about it, on most occasions, you are constantly waiting for something to load. You load the deposit page, then the payment platform, then some special PINs for authorization. Lower loading times will lower the chances for malevolent parties to access your data”, says Maj.

Again, 5G is not making your transactions 100% safe, as the level of safety highly depends on your online behavior. Despite all technological achievements, the rules stay pretty much the same – don’t share your password, be careful where you enter your credit card information, and stay focused while transferring the money.

5G Will Cause Games Upgrades

If you ask Maj, this is where the fun begins. She predicts more reliable networks will allow gaming suppliers to be even more innovative with new releases. Maj says gaming as we know might change forever due to new layouts and features.

“When you are a gaming company, you have to work with what you have. Genius ideas frequently require genius technologies to support them, and 5G will definitely improve the conditions required to implement some unique ideas”, claims Aleksandra.

The change is already visible, especially if we compare games release a couple of years ago with those being released as we speak. Nowadays, games tend to be elaborate worlds and sagas, interconnected with each other, with sensational features that demand the highest technologies.

5G Networks Will Improve Efficiency

According to MasterCard, 5G technologies will help this major credit card company to deliver a more personalized payment experience. Gref Ulrich, executive vice president, strategy, corporate development, and M&A, revealed more flexible payments, as well as custom-made payment solutions, will take the lead. That way, the entire payment process will become more efficient. MasterCard also announced 5G will allow expanded acceptance with more places where you can use the card, as well as evolved experiences. Efficiency will become key in building strong and reliable games and payments.

Can Consumers Keep Up?

Aleksandra Maj admits, 5G has great potential but warns it can be fully reached only if customers are willing to accept it. She notes that in order to enjoy this technological benefit to the max, most gamers will have to afford new devices, and even most important, bigger data packages with their phone companies.

“New games will be bigger, and traffic faster. While it sounds nice and dandy, 5G will eat your data much faster than previous networks. High quality comes with a price tag that might be a bit too expensive for some”, Maj concludes and adds, “Also, gaming operators will have to make sure their tech is compatible with 5G. The global 5G network will be of little use if your website is falling apart.”