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6 Tips For Finding Work Despite The Crisis

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting all of us, the World is currently experiencing a real health and economic crisis, unheard of since the Second World War. Inevitably, this situation has had, and will have for some time to come, real consequences on the job market. How to find a good job in the middle of these unprecedented consequences on the UK economy? Here are some answers.

Have strong morale

We’re not going to lie to you, finding work in a crisis situation can sometimes be long and exhausting. This is why it is essential, above all, to have a solid morale to face the difficulties that you could possibly encounter on your way to hiring. Maintaining a positive attitude and energy will have an impact when you meet an employer, and will reflect an image of you as someone who can adapt, overcome difficulties and stay motivated in an uncomfortable situation.

Prepare ahead of your research

The first step in any search is to decide what positions and salary levels you can aim at. A quick overview of your background, skills and experience can help you understand what types of positions or salary level you can target. Don’t be afraid to give your CV a bit of a makeover, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve worked on it. Instead of just adding your last professional experience, scrutinize your CV to make it as clear and attractive as possible. It would be also advisable to get professional cv assistance from specialized services like cvmaker.

Analyse the situation

There is crisis surely, but not for every company. Some companies may be in good financial shape despite the pandemia and worsening economy. It is wise especially in times of crisis to know which companies have a good financial situation and which ones have more difficulties. This way, you will know where to direct your search in order to optimize your positive response rates.

Be present on networks and job boards 

Your presence on the main social media or professional sites like linkedin allows you to be more visible to potential employers. First, ensure your presence on professional social networks with a well-informed and up-to-date Linkedin profile. It has become common for recruiters to go through this channel to source potential candidates for opportunities, whether they are already advertised or not. In addition, remember to publish your up-to-date CV on the various platforms offering this type of service, such as the APEC CV library or CV banks and databases online. This will allow you to have better visibility with potential recruiters, and increase your chances of being approached by employers directly and getting the job of your dreams perhaps!

Don’t underestimate recruiting firms

In these times of crisis, many companies find themselves unable to manage recruitment themselves, due to a lack of time or resources, and therefore hire specialized firms to meet their needs. This is why it is important to be visible to these recruitment firms, which can place you on opportunities corresponding to your skills, or keep your CV in their databases in order to be able to position you on a future job opening. To do this, first list the recruitment companies which are active in your areas of expertise, whether or not they are in your region. Indeed, most of recruitment companies have offices throughout the UK. Consult all the adverts published by them and apply to those that seem relevant to you. If none of them seem to suit you, don’t hesitate to submit an unsolicited application! In this way, your CV will be saved in their database, allowing you to position yourself on future offers.

Look elsewhere

The job market can sometimes be poor in your region, regardless of the crisis. What if your dream job was elsewhere? In this case, do not hesitate to search in other cities or even other countries! In addition to a rewarding professional experience on your CV, you will also benefit from a significant experience of seeing different parts of the country or the world!