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6 Tips On Planning Your Engagement Shoot

Congrats- love is in the air! After replying a big Yes to the love of your life it’s about that moment to capture the exciting new step in your life. Planning for your engagement shoot can be tasking from choosing your location to capturing those beautiful smiles in the photos. When it comes to your engagement shoot there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. These important decisions go a long way to ensure that you show off your ring and have the best memorable pictures. 

Here are six tips to consider when planning for your engagement shoot.

Hire a Professional Photographer

It is a no-brainer that if you want quality photos and the best experience you need the services of a professional photographer such as Perfocal. Your engagement session is an important time and part of your life and you deserve a photographer that knows to bring the best out of your relationship. Not only what you as a couple are about but also the best angles. Your engagement shoot provides the best opportunity for you and your photographer to connect, this will give you a perfect idea of what to expect from your photographer on the big day. Having a rapport with your photographer will make you feel more at ease and this will give your photos a natural look.


I cannot stress enough how key the location of your engagement shoot is. Choose a location that inspires or is special to you two. The more personal the location is the more intimate your emotions will emanate into your pictures. An ideal location for a couple will make them be more comfortable, camera-ready and have lots of fun in their engagement shoot.

Time of Day

Choosing the time of the day hugely determines and can be the difference in your final result photos. Take a deep search in google and find out when the sunset will be on the day of your session. For a dreamy, golden hour light sunset is ideal for your session while the blue hour is for sunrise. Though the weather is not promised and can change within seconds it is best to come prepared for anything.

Come with Ideas

Your engagement shoot is a fun event that needs to be filled with lots of uniqueness and memorable pictures. Before showing up do your research either from bridal magazines, the internet or even from other love birds. For a smooth session, the ideas need to come from both of you and also give your photographer the chance to add their ideas. This will help in capturing the perfect shot. Don’t be afraid to engage with your photographer as this will help to boost trust and confidence which are essential for a quality engagement shoot.

Choose what to Wear

Your clothing has the power to make or break your engagement photoshoot session. It’s your engagement session so loosen up and stay away from busy tonal palette colors. Make sure your clothes fit in seamlessly and you are as comfortable as possible. There are great ways to add dimension to your look and pick the one that will bring the best of you two. When selecting your wardrobe keep in mind the weather and flip flops which come in handy when walking between sets of photos.

Invest in Makeup

I cannot emphasize how important this is! Your engagement shoot session is one of the highlights of your life and a fun event in the preparation of your wedding process. Having your hair and makeup done by a professional is a great way to plan on how you will look on the big day and feeling your best in front of the camera. An experienced makeup artist will make you guys look the best version of yourselves and a million bucks.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above tips will give you a starting point to planning and getting the best out of your engagement photoshoot. Don’t forget to smile to have the best engagement photos that you will use for your wedding cards and reminisce about.