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7 Common Myths About Casino Slots Games Busted

Slots are no doubt the top favorites among casino games, both in online and land casinos. You will see generous promotions offering up to 100 free spins for signing up. There are hundreds of free slot games you can play in different casinos. Online slot games are loved because they are easy to play. Unlike card games like blackjack, or table games like craps, you don’t need to remember any strategies. But casino slot games have also generated different myths that attract or repel players depending on what they hear. Here is to debunk a few common myths about these popular games.

Slot Machines are Rigged 

This myth comes from the popular saying that the house always wins. Casinos are in business, and they must look for ways to stay profitable. Casino slot machines are programmed to keep some part of the customers’ stakes as profit for the casino. 

Slot games are controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG determines the probability of winning games. Casinos know winning customers will play more. Slot machines have a Return to Player (RTP) ratio that determines the percentage of money the game returns to the player in winnings. These games have some of the highest RTPs among casino games, up to 99%. Slot game players actually win over 90% of their games. 

You are Likely to Win at a Slot Machine That Hasn’t Paid a Jackpot 

Slot games depend on probability, and this probability applies in every play. If a slot game’s RNG is programmed to pay a jackpot in a 30% probability, it does not matter how many plays have passed. The jackpot will pay when the RNG brings up a winning number. 

You Can’t Hit Jackpots in a Row 

This myth follows the previous one about periodic jackpots. Similarly, many players wrongly believe that a slot game that has paid a jackpot is unlikely to pay another jackpot soon. But the RNG is the ultimate decider of the winning number. Two numbers can come in a row or close to each other. There are stories of casino players who have hit jackpots on the same machine. 

Wins Are More Likely in Promotions and Tournaments 

Casinos are very savvy in safeguarding their margins. They wouldn’t have a promotion that reduces the profits. Promotions and tournaments are marketing gimmicks where the casino makes players think they are more likely to win. But the RNG keeps the same probability of winning as before, which means your chances of winning remain constant at all times.

Wins Are Less Likely in Autoplay

Many players are apprehensive of engaging autoplay because they believe they will lose more. Higher losses occur because autoplay plays faster, not because losing numbers come up more often. The RNG stays engaged even in autoplay meaning winning chances are the same with the autoplay on or off.

Symbols Appear Equally on the Reels 

Higher paying symbols appear less frequently than lower paying symbols. Otherwise, a slot game would make a loss most of the time. Higher paying symbols appear less often to ensure that the game pays big prizes fewer times.

Players are Powerless to Improve Slot Wins 

It is true there is little you can do to improve your win at a slot machine. But you can improve your winning rate from one slot game to another. Slot games differ in Return to Player (RTP) ratios. They range from 85% to 99%. Your choice of a slot game is a big factor in your winning rate.

Slot games will always be popular because of the action and variety of games. Whether you are playing online or in a land casino, do not be held back by these myths.