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Clooney Phenomenon: Or Why Beard Make You More Popular Among Single Women

According to scientific studies, women perceive men with beards to be more attractive and dominant in nature. Beards are generally considered a sign of masculinity associated with strength, dominance, and toughness.

Every woman wishes to call a man hers, especially if it’s someone they believe can protect them, and there is scientific evidence that backs these claims. It is presumed that facial hair can enhance the appearance of masculine features.

Although preference may vary, most women today still prefer when they can grow facial hair. In case you are looking for girlfriend, remember about lustylocals and the Clooney phenomenon; even your image with a beard will play in favor of meeting, as women often are attracted to older males. A prime example of it is George Clooney, famous for having numerous younger girlfriends. Your facial hair plays a significant part in making you feel a bit older, thus – attractive.

Beard-Trend Is Popular Among Girls on Dating Sites and Social Networks

Beards are everywhere; men in business, running down red carpets, or chilling on social networks all support facial hair. However, not all beards are the same, and not every relationship has the same ending, and the studies published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology confirmed these findings.

The most popular beard length amongst women was the between heavy and short stubble. Only a handful of women picked long beards and clean shaves as attractive. But what’s interesting to note that the same women who said heavy/short stubble was sexier stated that they’d only date men with these as a short-term fling.

Men with full-on beards won the game by scoring a homerun for being the most ideal people to date if you want to get married or date. Hence you’ll see that it’s men with stubbles and beards that get the most attention on dating sites and social networks.

Reasons: Why Beard Make You More Popular Among Single Women

1. Bearded Men Have More Patience

Growing a beard takes patience, ladies! We know measuring a person’s beard length is not the best way to judge a person’s patience but the effort it takes to groom and even grow it out is a journey women won’t ever understand. But there’s one thing for sure, if a man can show patience with taking care of his looks, he can be patient with you as well.

2. Beards Show Masculinity

As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that women in general associate beards with masculinity, ability to stand ground, and toughness. The scruffy look of the beard makes the facial features look sharper and stronger; both traits are associated with masculinity.

3. Bearded Men Resolute – From Conversation to the First Date a Few Hours

Bearded men are known to be confident in their ability to carry the date and lighten the mood, from the very initial stages to the very end. The level of commitment you’ll find shown by men that support facial hair cannot be compared to anyone else.

It’s the same as growing your beard; it takes time and needs a great amount of commitment before looking attractive from looking attractive. The same goes for planning a date and carrying it out.

4. Bearded Men Provides Nice Date Ideas

Coming up with date ideas is a challenge for an average man, but for obvious reasons (age, experience, patience), men with a beard simply have a knack for choosing the best date locations. Although some might not consider this a big deal, have you ever had a bad date? Surely it was never one with a guy that has a beard.

5. Beard Make You More Popular Among Single Women – Bearded Men Prove Better Fathers

The labels associated with having facial hair, such as masculinity, patience, and standing firm on their decisions, are some of the most desirable characteristics that draw women like moths to a flame. A good father, too, needs to support all these traits.

Raising children requires a lot of patience and care, you have to love, but when the time comes, you also need to stand firm with the decisions you make for them. The greatest concern for a parent is the safety of their children. A masculine-looking father is unlikely to see his kids come in harm’s way.