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7 Pro Tips to Write A Successful PhD Essay During Lockdown

Writing a PhD essay is an important process, and the result will probably define a lot of your future life. This is why you need to do the best job that you can and deliver a text that showcases you and your potential and display the skills you have to offer to the programme.

In this article, we take a look at what makes a good personal statement and provide tips that will help you achieve a great PhD essay.

Some useful tips for PhD Essay During Lockdown

1. Choose your topic carefully

The most recommendable thing to do is to talk something that matters to you. For example, many choose to write a PhD essay about religion because they are passionate about it. If you need some free essays to use as samples to write your religion essay you can look for writing services to help you with this. You can do the same with any topic, the important thing is that you choose something that is a big part of your life.

2. You should be the main subject in your essay

A PhD essay is only interesting if you talk about yourself in a way that will allow people to know you a little. Talk about your intellectual trajectory, your academic interests, and your prospects for the future. Remember that it’s paramount that you’re honest, so don’t dress up your abilities to make you look more skilled than what you actually are. Also, include your previous faults, but ensure you mention what you learn’t from them.

3. Talk about previous research experiences

Admissions committees like to know the extension of an aspirant experience. It is a great way to assess if a student is prepared for the programme that he or she is applying to. So, make sure you mention in your essay all the research you have conducted that might be relevant to the program you want to get into.

4. Don’t focus too much on work experience

As we said before, it is paramount to show that you have experience conducting research. But these programmes aren’t interested in your work experience nor in how you behave in a working environment. So, focus on your research experience, but don’t talk too much about work details.

5. Show why you are a good fit for the programme

This is one of the best ways to make the best of a PhD essay. You need to highlight the motives of why you are a good choice for the programme. Don’t just say that you are good at it, also talk about the particular skills you have that make you good.

6. Do several drafts

You can’t start writing the final version at once, you will need to do several drafts in order to get the best result possible at the end. Things might be messy in your head, but writing the draft and seeing the essay will help you understand which aspects are relevant. Also, it is very useful not to pay much attention to the word count when doing the drafts. Don’t worry if the first version has 8000 words and the limit is 5000, you can cut short while editing.

7. Proofread and edit as much as you need

Your mission should be to get an essay as close to perfection as possible. To do this, you will need to proofread and edit… a lot. For many, it is helpful to give their essay to someone else to read and have an outside perspective. It might be difficult to know when it is ready, so if you need help to understand how the final result should be, you can look for samples of a good PhD essay online.

Writing a good PhD essay is a challenge for most people, and there is no straight path to it. Still, our tips for PhD Essay will keep you on the right track, so make sure you follow them!