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7 Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. Tossing and turning for hours on end leaves us feeling irritable the next day, as a result of low energy and frustration.

While it’s perfectly normal to have a poor quality of sleep from time to time, frequent occurrences may lead to more serious problems. This is why it is so important to prepare your body as much as possible for a good night’s sleep. Here are seven top tips to do so.

  1. Avoid Technology

Technological devices emit blue light, which suppresses melatonin, our sleep hormone. This means that watching TV or scrolling through social media right before bed may be contributing to your poor quality of sleep. To prevent this from being the case, aim to avoid all types of technology up to an hour before bed.

  1. Stick To A Routine

Your body is clever – if you have a good routine, it will know exactly when to sleep and exactly when to wake up. If you don’t have much of a routine and go to bed at different times every night, your body won’t be able to figure out when it’s meant to be dozing off. Sticking to a routine will help to alter this.

  1. Cut Out Alcohol

We’re not saying that you need to quit alcohol altogether, but if you need to be asleep by a certain time, it’s probably best to avoid it. Your energy levels fluctuate all over the place when drinking alcohol, making it near impossible to have a proper night’s sleep. Waking up with a hangover the next day also won’t do any favours to your energy levels. 

  1. Create A Dark Environment

Before clocks were invented, people would rely on the night sky to fall asleep. To put it simply, your body is used to darkness when falling asleep. With this in mind, make your room as dark as possible when trying to get to sleep. Turn off the lights and use black out blinds if possible.

  1. …And A Calming Environment!

Your environment doesn’t just need to be dark to aid a good night’s sleep. It needs to be comfortable, and peaceful, too. Make sure that your bed provides the correct support and that there are no distracting smells or clutter in the room. This will help you to achieve a peaceful state more quickly.

  1. Live An Active Lifestyle

Living a reasonably active lifestyle has proved to be beneficial for sleep. Your body will need more time to restore and repair, increasing the chances of you falling asleep more quickly. Just remember that overdoing exercise can have the opposite effect, so try to avoid strenuous activity two hours before bedtime.

  1. Allow Yourself To Relax

A good night’s sleep all comes down to how relaxed you are. There’s nothing worse than laying in bed stressing about the day’s events or worrying about tomorrow. Take time to relax before going to bed, whether it be through reading a book or having a bath. This will help to take your mind off stressful matters, allowing you to focus on a more zen state of mind. 

If you frequently struggle with fatigue, you may benefit from taking iron tablets. Iron has long been known for its contribution to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, helping you to take greater control of your energy levels throughout the day.