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7 Ways to Brighten Your Walls

Decorating an interior is a tough job and one that requires all elements to be balanced. Walls are an essential part of the interiors and are often overlooked. If they’re bland, it leaves a bad overall impression. 

Much like the rest of the interior, one must take care of walls so that they complement the rest of the décor. Numerous options for wall decor look well. You can come up with different ideas and incorporate them into your decor.

From the wall hangings to artwork and beyond, there are so many options for wall decor.

Let’s further dwell on the possibilities. 

1. Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are an excellent option for wall decor. You can add family pictures, a famous movie quote, New York’s skyline, or any other text or image that you want. There are so many inspiring options for canvas prints. 

The canvas prints come in different sizes to add even more options for you. You can have a single canvas or make a collage based. You can even have split, different-sized canvases forming a single picture. To make the canvas prints an even better option, they are easy on the pocket. 

They’re easy to maintain and last a long time. These are a great way to fill your walls with the cherished memories of your loved ones.  

2. Paintings

Paintings make for a fantastic wall decor option. You have unending choices for the kind of painting you can put on the wall. From portraits to sceneries to abstract art, paintings simply look amazing on your walls and lift the entire decor around them. 

However, they can be expensive and demand a higher décor budget. You must also be careful as paintings can be easily damaged. It is also good to keep them away from a direct source of light such as a window since light fades their colors. 

3. Hanging Plants

Plants add greenery to the indoors and give a feeling of freshness. They’re a fantastic form of wall décor too. Small, hanging plants are generally the preferred option in this regard. However, you can also have plants on the shelves though that will require shelves on the wall.

Flowers and cacti look well, while other plants can also be carefully incorporated into the decor. You have to mix and match different plants to get the best appearance for your wall.

4. Clocks

Clocks are an essential part of any home as they tell time. However, you are also an excellent option for decorating your walls. Some contemporary clocks come in unusual designs, such as a map of the world, your favorite fictional characters, and antique-styled wooden clocks. 

You can be very creative with clock ideas. You can pick a clock of your liking and add it to your wall. However, the clock must fit nicely into the overall scheme of décor. A funky clock may look out of place in a heavily classic interior. 

5. Mirrors

The mirrors have a very practical purpose of reflecting images and are commonly used in different areas of the home. They can be very effectively used for your wall decor as well. However, using variously shaped and sized mirrors can also brighten up your walls. 

You can have mirrors with different kinds of frames as well as decorations on them. You can even decorate your mirrors. Mirrors can surely add much to your walls and ensure they don’t appear bland. 

6. Murals

You can paint your murals on the walls as a part of the decor. Painting them can be a fun activity for the whole family over the weekend. You can paint anything you like. 

Usually, such murals look good in areas where your kids spend most of the time. However, you can add a mural to any part of your home. 

7. Hanging plates

Plates are generally used for culinary purposes, but they can also be used for decorating your interiors. Some people put them on stands and place them inside their China cabinets and on their coffee tables. Usually, these are either antique plates or ones made especially for decorative purposes.  

They also look good on the wall. You can get an old plate refurbished and hang it with strings. There are also specially made hanging available in craft stores that can be used. There are also other options for hanging plates

Hanging a few plates together really gives a lively look to the walls.


Numerous ideas can be used to decorate your walls. You do not need to limit yourself to just the ideas mentioned above, and anything that looks good can be added as wall décor. 

However, it is essential that your wall decor aligns with your overall interior decorations and does not look out of place. You don’t want to have a very fancy wall looking like a mismatch with the rest of your living space. 

With a bit of attention to detail and your sense of styling, you can have a great wall and interior décor.