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8 Education Blogs You Should Follow in 2020

2020 is a test for the whole planet, and especially for students who are faced with education online. For most people, the remote learning format is something new and they want to adapt to it as quickly as possible. In order to make it easier for you to receive information and study online, we will advise you on several educational blogs.

1. Coursera

Coursera takes its place among all the educational blog lists that can be found on the Internet. Moreover, after completing courses on this portal, you will receive a certificate, which now has weight for your future employers. Here you will find many courses in various subjects and learn how to write introductions, outlines, and essays on these topics. You will surely be satisfied with the presentation of materials and the richness of the lessons.

By clicking “Register”, you can use the free 7-day trial version, and then pay a monthly subscription. Otherwise, you can continue to participate as a listener.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a YouTube channel where you can access many lessons for free. This blog was created by a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Salman Khan. His main motivator was to create a platform for students, where they can get information about different subjects (algebra, physics, biology, etc.) in a simple language. But if you still need help with your studies, especially when you are looking for free essay examples on social media check here – eduzaurus.com. On this trusted site you will find a lot of essay examples that you won’t be able to find on social media. And when you get help with your tasks, go back to Khan Academy video blog that will be interesting for both schoolchildren and students and will be useful to everyone who wants to learn something new (or forgotten) from scratch.

3. DataCamp

A platform for training database analytics that you can find on any social media platform. Here, students have the opportunity to take a course in the desired programming language. DataCamp training takes place online, where students learn not only the theory on special simulators but also use the gained knowledge in practice. Here you can find many practical tasks that you may fall into on the actual work and this practice is useful to everyone who wants to get a job in the IT industry.

4. TED-Ed

This is one of the best educational blogs for students. TED-Ed contains an extensive video library with lessons. The information and animation that you see on your screens are provided by experts in their field so that you memorize information not only by hearing it but also thanks to associating it with vivid pictures. New lessons come out on the channel every day, and debates on learned topics are held on weekends.

5. Kadenze

Kadenze is considered as the best online art school. Here you can find a program and samples on music technology, digital graphics and even get a diploma for it! Over 20 universities worked on the courses of this platform, which made the program unique and interesting for people related to art or just those who want to start their path in art.

6. Udemy

Udemy is a great online platform that provides students around the world with exciting courses and examples in a variety of subjects. This platform has won the hearts of its users with an interesting presentation of information, rich topics, and the ability to take courses at any time convenient for you. Moreover, if you are a professional in your field, you can also sell your educational courses on this platform.

7. OpenLearn

OpenLearn provides access to a variety of training materials. But the peculiarity of this service is that all materials are manually selected and grouped by discipline and topic. Thus, you can subscribe to materials on a specific topic. Also, any user can filter the search by the type of material (audio, video, text, exercises, comprehensive course).

8. Open2Study

Open2Study is now counted as one of the best blog sites for students. This is Australia’s first educational platform. Open2Study project has active state support, which leads users to the idea that they can trust this educational blog because the courses here are presented with high quality and are thoroughly tested. About the features: it is worth noting the short duration of the courses (1 month) and the emphasis on the interaction of students with each other during training.


It is not necessary to go to university even in summer in order to get a quality education. In fact, the main thing here is the desire to develop and learn. And the educational blogs from our list are designed to motivate students to study.