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8 Heartfelt Ideas to Keep a Loved One’s Memory Alive

It’s really hard when we lose someone we love and sometimes the pain can feel unbearable. As the days go by, however, we slowly begin to heal. We then become grateful for all the happy memories and the help we’ve received. That’s why NHS Wales was awarded the highest honour by the Queen, and people regularly donate to hospices and children’s charities.  

Even though our loved ones are no longer with us, they’re not forgotten. In this article, we’ll discuss 8 heartfelt ideas that can help keep a loved one’s memory alive.

1. Buy A Memorial Bench

Placing a bench in a special place can serve as a meeting place for family and friends to gather and share stories about your loved one – or to reflect alone. If you speak to the owner of a local park, they may be willing for you to donate a bench containing a plaque in the person’s memory. This could become a lasting tribute that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you’re interested in purchasing a memorial bench, there are many companies specializing in this type of product. The prices will vary depending on the material, size, and style required. If you go online in search of teak memorial benches you can view photos, product descriptions, prices, and star ratings. You can view Westminster, Kensington, and Sandhurst benches and put items in a wishlist.

2. Plant A Tree In Their Memory

You could choose a species that was special to them or that symbolizes something important about them. Then, every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of your loved one and the happy memories you shared together. Plus, as the tree grows, so will your love for them. Choose a spot that’s special to you or that has meaning for your family. This could be in your backyard, at a local park, or even at the cemetery.

Planting a tree is a great way to get outside and connect with nature, which can be therapeutic after experiencing a loss. Also, it’s something tangible that you can do to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

3. Make Use Of Photos

If you frame and hang the person’s portrait picture that’ll help you remember them every time you see it – and it’ll be a physical reminder of their presence in your life. It can be hung in a place of honor in your home or office, or in a more personal space such as your bedroom. Doing this can bring you comfort and peace knowing that they’re always with you in some way. Plus, it’s just nice to have their smiling face around!

Another option is to keep their photograph in a special album or box. You can look through the pictures whenever you want and reminisce about good times. This can be a really therapeutic activity, especially if you’re feeling down. It’s also a great way to share memories with other family members and friends.

4. Create A Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a collection of photographs, documents, and other memorabilia that are glued or taped to pages inside a book. The scrapbooking trend began centuries ago as a way to preserve personal memories.

You can create your own scrapbook by including items such as:

  • Photos of the person (and photos of you together)
  • Letters or cards they sent you (or that you sent them)
  • Momentos like ticket stubs from events you attended together
  • Newspaper clippings related to their life or interests
  • Anything else that brings back special memories of them

5. Create A Book Or Journal

A book or journal can be a great way to keep memories alive, and it’s something you can share with others. It can be filled with pictures, stories, and anything else that reminds you of the person you lost. You can even have other people write in it as well.

One example would be to create a remembrance book and have it on display at the funeral so others can write in it. This is a great way to enhance the memory of your dear one.

6. Visit Their Grave Or Memorial Site

For many people, this is an important part of keeping their memory alive. It can be a place of solace and reflection and can help us feel closer to our loved ones even after they’re gone.

You could bring flowers – for instance on their birthday or your wedding anniversary. If the loved one was a child you could place some toys at the graveside. Alternatively, write a card and place it there.

7. Write A Poem Or Letter To This Special Person

Writing a letter or poem can be therapeutic to pour your heart out onto the page, and it’s a way to keep your loved one close to you in spirit. You can read your letter or poem aloud at their grave or memorial site, or simply keep it private as a cherished keepsake.

This doesn’t need to be a one-off occurrence. You could add to it or write a new one whenever you wanted. In time, you could even consider having the poems published.

8. Create A Memory Box

If you have children, another idea is to create a memory box for them. This can include things like their favorite toy, a piece of jewelry they wore, or even just a handwritten note from you telling them how much you love them. If there were lots of cards at the funeral containing lovely comments, place them here too.

Seeing these items will help your kids to feel closer to their lost loved ones and understand that they’re still very much present in their lives. Plus, it provides an opportunity for you to talk about this person with your children whenever it’s needed.

These have been 8 heartfelt ideas to keep alive the memories of your loved one. By doing one or more of the things we’ve suggested, life will become easier. You’ll be able to celebrate your memories, adjust to your loss and live a happy life despite all that has happened.