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A Guide to the Gambling Capitals of the World

Monte Carlo

Gambling is a much loved pass time around the world and in all corners of the globe there are places which offer us plenty of excitement and fun, where you can gamble the night away in the city lights, feeling like the top dog. 

The risky pursuit of gambling goes to a whole new level when it is experienced in a casino getaway. And in some metropolises, casinos are at the very beating heart of a thriving economy. 

If you have been gambling online, and have had plenty of practice, why not jet away to one of these top gambling world capitals and enjoy this pass time in the flesh. 

Gambling online is fun, such as at, https://www.stardustcasino.com/ but, can it really beat the real world experience in one of these gambling giants? We leave that decision up to you. 

Las Vegas, USA

Everyone knows the magic of Sin City. In this city, you can find gambling in plentiful amounts. It is known as the City of Sin since it is thought to have originated from the two original blocks of Fremont Street, wherein gambling, ladies of the night, and liquor were all exceedingly easy to access. 

If you are here to gamble, though, there is much on offer. Sin City comes at second to none, and is the first thought in anyone’s mind when you mention gambling. The main attraction in this city is ‘The Strip ‘, which is home to 15 or the 25 largest gambling resorts in the world. Some of these are; MGM Grand, Bellagio, Venetian, The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and Caesars Palace. 

Despite how Vegas has taken hits due to recessions, it continues to cater to gambling fans and regular people, it is not just a gambling city, with so much else to offer. This is without a doubt the gambling, partying, night-life city of the world. 

Macau, China

Macau is one of China’s administrative regions, much like Hong Kong. It has actually now overtaken Vegas as the city with the highest revenue generation from the gambling industry in more recent years. 

The gambling industry is responsible for about 50% of this city’s economy, and it has 33 casinos. If you go here, a majority of the gambling resorts are located on the Macau peninsula, while some are on Taipa Island. 

Macau boasts of having 7 of the 20 most prominent land-based gambling destinations in the world, including MGM Grand Macau, Casino Ponte 16, Venetian Macau, and the City of Dreams Resort. 

As you can see, many of the establishments here have sister resorts in Vegas. 

Monte Carlo, Monaco

We have all heard of Monte Carlo, it is romanticized in Hollywood films as a luxury destination, especially if you are seeking some good gambling fun. This city is located in Monaco, one of the smallest countries in the world. Nevertheless, it takes the crown as the leading gambling location in Europe. 

The wealth of this region traces back to the 19th century, when casinos were first established alongside the railway system. This city offers a unique culture around gaming that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also find jaw dropping views of the Mediterranean where you can relax when you are not taking in the gambling action.

Atlantic City, USA

When we think of gambling in the US, we often think of Vegas straight away, and we forget about Atlantic City. Although Sin City does not miss out when we discuss where is good for gaming, Atlantic City does sometimes get left behind. 

This place may not be drawing in as big of a crowd as it did back in the height of its success, but it continues to be a sight to behold. Located in New Jersey, it is built with gambling in mind. It offers a thrilling gambling experience for residents of the NorthEast, USA. 

Marian Bay, Singapore

This city in Singapore is slowly climbing the economic ladder with many thriving industries under its belt. The gambling sector might still be in its infancy in this country, but it is quickly becoming a significant revenue-generator. A few-years ago casinos were legalized, and it came swinging back as the world’s largest gambling resort, the Marina Bay Sands. 

This establishment is an architectural marvel with three towers connected at the top by a sky park. Marina Bay Sands also comes with 2500 rooms, an array of nightclubs, a Universal theme park, pools and many other leisure activities. Not only this, but the countries’ proximity to China makes it a beacon for wealthy gamblers who cannot exercise the pastime in their region. 

There are many amazing gambling capitals around the world, all offering different experiences. These are the top dogs of this world, why not visit them all on a ‘gambling crawl’.