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Are Your Ideal Customers Seeing Your Business

Many SMEs face struggles in recent times that they might never have imagined when they started their business. How long the company has been running, and the backup plans in place, will dictate the resilience available and overall customer base that comes with moving forward.

Some businesses will thrive during the next year, and others will struggle. But even though this is usually the case for most companies, how a business and the team face challenges will make all the difference. One important thing to focus on as a business owner, though, is how visible you are. And whether or not your ideal customer sees your efforts, and if they are impressed.

There is a lot to be said for marketing and how you market your business, where you sell your business, and how you intend on making a great impression. The key is to make sure your customers hear and see the great products or services you offer, as that is exactly how they remember you and stay loyal to your brand. How exactly will you and your business stay at the forefront of customer’s minds though, and what can you focus on specifically to gain attention where it’s needed.


There’s no doubt that most people spend a large portion of their time online, whether it’s organising delivery of shopping or wishing a family member Happy Birthday if they cannot see them for some reason. Making sure that your brand is online, and not just online but active with great content, is a must. The following are some areas that marketing professionals work with, and regularly utilise for their clients. With good reason, they work and can help you reach people you may never have reached otherwise. Building an online following can seem daunting but if you take a close look at the following areas it will grow naturally.

Social Media

Social media has changed over the years, and it’s moved on from a few words shared here and there, to real storytelling, entertainment and marketing tools. The adaptability and fast pace on social media are unparalleled, so the content shared has to be interesting, engaging and memorable. Many businesses are choosing companies such as cadesignform.com to work on their video marketing. Staying one step ahead with visualisation technology in this way can catapult a brand quickly. High quality is expected from professional companies, and sharing corporate video with the world online is a potent tool.


Many business owners become nervous of having a website and sometimes don’t know where to start, but making sure that you own a domain, and have something that works for you is essential in recent times. Some customers will only hire a company if they have a professional only presence, and your website ticks this box. It can also be essential for building your SEO, which ultimately leads you to receive more enquiries and customers overall, which is a win-win situation.

A website can be used as an online store, a place to share your work, or even a social area for your customers, which can be used in any way that suits your brand and style, so skipping this particular tool is not an option. As tricky as it can be. Investing in a designer to help will take you a long way, and remove any frustration of trying to do it yourself. Just remember, your online presence can have an impact on public perception, and your PR manager should be consulted.


They say ‘content is king’ and ‘they’ are right. If your customers see your Tweets, your blog or your name in the news, but your message is either weak or not in line with your potential customers, then your efforts may fall short. Not only this but getting the right message across at the right time can mean everything to a potential customer, and ultimately your brand. It’s a long game and showing the world what you are about can bring many advantages.

First and foremost, your customers will know what they are buying into from the beginning. Customers and potential customers know what they are buying in to, but if your content is excellent, you will find it will reach a much wider reach through organic shares and views.


It goes without saying that to be found on Google is a perfect way of getting enquiries at the very least. Ensuring that you have a business listed on Google, that your information is updated regularly and links to excellent quality content, are all sure-fire ways of being found by those searching for what you are offering. What better way than to be on the top of the results when your next customer is looking for the best business for their needs? Doing your research on SEO and what this means for you and your online interactions is a significant step if you haven’t already done so.

Email Lists

Keeping yourself fresh in people’s minds is essential. There are very many different email marketing forms, and some marketing professionals argue that it is not as effective as it once was. However, there is still a lot to be said for turning up on your potential customer’s emails in a respectful and informative way. Always reminding people that you are ‘business as usual’ and there for them when necessary can leave a big impression. Even though it may not feel as though you get enough direct response, you can be sure that the customer is noticing, and keeping you in mind.


Many reviews are left on Facebook or websites such as Trustpilot, these days, and they can be an excellent opportunity to share with others how happy your customers are. This in itself, can give potential customers a great insight into what you do, and it can also bring a positive atmosphere to your online interactions. There is enough negativity globally, so sharing the positives, whilst potentially improving your sales can’t be a bad thing. It’s always good to be respectful simultaneously, but sharing your wins and successes with your following is a great thing—both for business and for overall morale.


In recent times there has been a considerable growth in the number of online influencers and celebrities who are happy to share the word with their large followings. Collaborations of this kind, and even collaborating with other businesses can be beneficial to both parties. Because why not work together to see what you can achieve? It can bring opportunities you might have dreamt of, and ideas to fruition that you had only ever imagined. Some companies specialise in this sort of collaboration, but even reaching out to other businesses to see how you can work together is an avenue to get your work seen and heard by potential customers.

Whatever you choose to do always remember that trying something new can be daunting but worth taking a shot at. If putting yourself in front of the camera is your next step, but you don’t know where to start then do as much research as you can, and go for it. You will wonder why you never started sooner when the enquiries roll in.