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Best FOREX trading apps in 2021

The times are fast-pacing and that stands relevant for all the industry types. People in all the fields are looking for quick ways to generate money. No one has time to sit in front of their computers all day long to take one shot at a trade. Reading between the lines you must have understood that the industry we are discussing here is none other than trading.

This industry especially has been exceptionally blessed with the growth of modern-day technology. Countering all its shortcomings, we have now many mobile phone apps that are dedicated to trading. They have provided a great platform to all the potential traders who always had in them to trade but couldn’t find the viable platform to do so. If you are one of them, then you happen to be at just the right place.

We have here listed some really great and top-notch mobile trading apps for FOREX that can turn your trading journey around. Just make a suitable pick from the list and you are good to go.


It’s the most perfect trading apps for both android and IOS users. Starting from the very basic, it is free of cost hence accessible to all and its rating has 4.5/5 (Google Play) and 4.7/5 (App Store) placed it at the top of the list. It has an extensive range of classic features which makes your trading experience so much easier. From getting real-time updates to the ability to track your trade orders, access to all of your previous trading data and free financial, economic, and industry-related news updates are just some of them. It’s like an assistant who at every point will be there to simplify your trading journey as much as possible. One exceptionally remarkable feature of the platform is that it gives you access to your broker’s contact which you can use at any point in time to converse, discuss or chat.

Open TickTrader

Another free gem in the app store through only available for android users at the time. Its fascinating and most powerful feature is its exceptional knowledge and expertise in the FOREX regime, yes, while trading on this app you will notice that you get almost perfect updates, news notifications from the FOREX and FXOpen broker news. With this information in place combined with your expert understanding and analysis, you could do wonders. It’s a great way to hone your trading skills in the field and take them to another level of perfection.


The name has become a household one in just a short period. thanks to its amazing user experience its users all over the world are very happy with its service and functionality. It’s an open platform for all the Android and IOS users as well and has been around for quite some time which has given it enough chances to bring in many new updates year after year. One of its unmatched features is that you could create multiple accounts on this one and hence it is perfect for brokers who are trading a lot of money. To add to it you could even transfer money between these accounts which just adds viability to the whole experience.


It’s another big player in the best live forex signals app that has created a unique market base for itself. Its USP is the huge range of currency pairing it offers which has made it an international star with users from all around the world. Not just currencies, but it gives you access to over 2000 financial instruments which means you can trade anything and everything on this platform. And all of that happens in a very streamlined and well-drafted manner where you get over 10,000 real-time stock updates all through the day. This is the most perfect app for you if you want to be able to trade in different industries all under the same Umbrella.

 Forex Time FXTM

Another classic in the field that has been designed taking inspiration from its Crypto trading counterparts. As here on this platform only you get the feature of automated trading where instead of you a bot trades and wins you the best strike. This f7nctionality makes it a perfect match for all the beginner traders who are new to the game and still need time to learn the ins and outs of it. while at the same time its superior platform is equally suited for a professional who wants to take the bets on his own. Another of its USP is its flexible functionality which provides you the choice between fixed or variable payment methods, easy withdrawal or deposit request processing, and everything else about it.

TD Ameritrade

The name is pretty famous in the FOREX industry as it’s one of the most reliable platforms at the moment. It offers high-end security features in its accounts that make the user-experience very satisfactory and pleasant. It’s using the advanced level of security features like fingerprint verification to login into the accounts and carry on the trade. The wallet you create is also very safe and secure and is protected against thefts, attacks, and scams. apart from that the app collects and disseminates crucial market data and information from time to time to help its users make the right call.

Naga Trader

A very strong player with a super-easy and minimalist approach catering to a wide range of users at the moment. Its motto is simplicity and ease of use and each of its functionality vouches for that. It has this fascinating feature where it allows social trading and robot to facilitate automated trading both at the same time. So, you only take the call but only after consulting with the expert financial advisors who are always there to help. It’s one of the easiest platforms to use and the simple functionality keeps the user hinged for a very long time.

Now, as a trader, you have to analyse your specific needs and zero down to a few that you deem to be the most important. Each of the above-mentioned trading apps has its unique set of functionalities. So, consider each of them properly and make your pick accordingly. You can even create a demo account and try them out for a few days and then decide to go with one.