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The Best UK Motoring Events for Car Enthusiasts in 2020

There are quite a lot of excellent UK car shows happening in 2020, with some of them being missed by the general population because of the popularity of other shows. These are our favorite car shows happening next year.

Race Retro 2020

This car show is considered one of the best in the country and is often seen as the first “real” show of the year. With a significant emphasis on classic car races and rally cars, you’ll see beautiful pristine models of your favorite car brands. Just like other classic car shows, vehicles will be on display for you to look at, as well as a Group B rally stage and autojumble. You can find this event at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry in February 2020. 

The Goodwood Festival of Speed

There are two major car festivals under the “Goodwood” name, and the celebration of speed is the first one happening in the year. The hugely popular, commercialized event has an unfortunately bad reputation and is often called the Festival of Greed. 

Even with the reputation, it’s still an incredible car show that showcases cars from world-famous drivers and uniquely decorated vehicles. The staff’s astonishing attention to detail is one of the many reasons this show is so world-famous, with cars even featuring unique vanity plates. If you want a vanity plate of your own to go with your decorated car, visit Absolute Reg for rare, hard to find plates.

Harewood Hillclimb

Vintage car lovers line up around the block each year to take a look at the cars at the Hillclimb. Not only will you see expensive brands like Bugatti, with racing cars that cost over a million pounds, and Austin 7s, one of the oldest vehicles ever invented. With a race happening in June to kick off the show, Harewood Hillclimb will teach you how to drive the course the professionals did moments before.

CarFest North and South

Created by Top Gear host Chris Evans, and Radio 2 DJ, CarFest became famous because of its hosts, and it’s connection to the charity Children in Need. CarFest takes place two times a year, once in July for the North, and August for the South. Although the cars are the main attraction here, CarFest is more of an experience. You can also listen to great music, eat food, and dance to famous bands.

Isle of Mann TT

Although this isn’t technically a car show, it’s still one of the best race events in the UK. If you have a need for speed, you’ll like this event as the skill needed to drive these tracks isn’t for the faint-of-heart. The festival/race event is held on public roads, so if you want to try to drive one of the courses, you can as long as other racers are not on it. The event takes place over a whole week during the middle of June.

Model Engineering Exhibition

Another show that isn’t really a car show, but is excellent for any car enthusiast who is either an engineer or a budding one. In 2019, the show featured over 2,000 engineered models from over 50 clubs and starts in the middle of January. If that’s too soon for you to make, you can always try the Midlands Model Exhibition happening in mid-October.