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Bridgend awarded funding for Caerau wall insulation work


Bridgend County Borough Council has welcomed a Welsh Government decision to award £2.65m of funding to carry out essential remedial work to properties in the Caerau ward.

Awarded by the Minister for Climate Change, the funding will redress the failure of wall insulation work installed in 2012 and 2013 which utilised the Community Energy Saving Programme and Arbed schemes.

The award is subject to the submission by the local authority, and assessment by Welsh Government, of a satisfactory and detailed business case and project proposal by the end of February 2022.

This is very welcome news for those residents in Caerau who have been affected by issues such as condensation and damp since the original energy efficiency work was carried out almost 10 years ago.

I know the investment will make a significant difference to those people who have been impacted. The proposed funding is available for all householders impacted by poor wall insulation work at that time, regardless of the scheme used.

We will endeavour to submit the required business case as soon as possible so that Welsh Government can confirm their funding contribution and we can then plan the details of how the work will be carried out.

Councillor Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities

Further details will follow in due course with an anticipated Cabinet report to seek council approval scheduled for February 2022.