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Bridgend mum goes from council estate to turning over millions

Natasha Bray
A local entrepreneur who just 4 years ago was a single mum on maternity leave from working as a social worker at Newport City Council, wondering how to create a business that could give her flexibility around her new baby, is celebrating a fabulous achievement today, having become a bestselling author for the 3rd time, but this time being at the helm of the process showcasing 16 other incredible women, and also fundraising for NAPAC – National Association for People Abused in Childhood, a charity that supports survivors of childhood abuse.
Natasha Bray, 34, from Bridgend who Studied Masters in Social Work at Cardiff University and BSc Psychology with Criminology at Uni. Glamorgan has created the collaboration book “When Women Heal” as part of her work with other female entrepreneurs who are looking to move forward from trauma, tragedy feeling stuck or self-sabotage and is delighted to announce that the book went bestseller within hours of its release, flying straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in over 10 categories including No 1 in Inspiration and Spirituality, knocking Jay Shetty off the top spot and No 1 in Entrepreneurship overtaking global inspirational speaker Simon Senek and also The E-Myth’s Michael Gerber and No.1 in Starting a Small Business category along with Business Coaching and Mentoring Skills; International Business and Finance; Home Based Business as well as No. 1 bestseller in business biographies to name just a few!
Providing a cathartic and empowering release of many emotions the book is a huge achievement for all involved including women from across the UK, and across the globe, and she hopes to raise significant funds for NAPAC, a charity close to her heart, who she reached out to in 2018 and who supported her through the latter part of her healing around childhood abuse. The charity were so overrun with calls to their helpline Natasha could not get an answer, but the resources for survivors on their website really helped her. She has supported the charity, which is a small, not very well known charity that often misses out on funding, in other ways through her business but felt donating all the profits from the book to them was a fitting tribute. Natasha also has plans to fund NAPAC to run Wales’ first in-person support group for survivors, something she approached them about pre Covid, but is currently on hold due to the pandemic.
‘When Women Heal’ is an anthology of the magical ripple effect of success when women heal and lead themselves and is a direct result of Natasha’s teachings. Natasha, a psychology expert and the founder of the School of Healing Mastery and an Award Winning Success Mastery Coach & Transformational Pioneer in the business success industry has spent tens of thousands of pounds on her own recovery process and thousands of hours on development of her own healing methods as a result. She helps high achievers and rising leaders heal childhood wounds and rapidly unlock their “Ultimate Uplevel” through her signature healing method HeartHealing® and her uniquely developed 5 level healing approach, Success Imprinting®.
This year she has become a 7 figure business owner and bought her dream home during Covid and has just announced her pregnancy with her partner, after many years of unhappiness in previous relationships  – she is the happiest and wholest she has ever felt, and she believes this has led to her channelling her success to also create unprecedented breakthroughs in those she supports. Natasha is creating a global ripple effect through the power of healing and ‘When Women Heal” is a real illustration of this.
She said:”This year after doing more and more work on my own healing, and unlocking new levels of my own success I have created the life of my dreams, and it is no co-incidence I have also helped more clients than ever create theirs. From being trapped by trauma to finding the confidence to grow businesses and create financial independence I’ve seen women on their knees go on to build 6 and multi-6 figure businesses provide a better life and future for themselves and their children and create lives they love they feel in control of.”
Natasha has drawn on her personal experience of healing from chronic childhood trauma and abuse to design her own healing methods which are now being shared across the world and helping other women become successful and balanced financially, emotionally and spiritually. Her approach is ‘trauma and attachment informed’ and includes an innovative combination of hypnotherapy, inner child healing and spiritual techniques.
With over 15 years’ experience in transformational work, working with thousands of entrepreneurs across 52 countries worldwide, her work has helped women break through to higher levels of love, money and success in as little as one session. She has been featured in local and national papers and recognised as one of the top 35 entrepreneurs in her country. Natasha was also highly commended at the Woman of the Future Awards earlier this year.
Natasha brings together 16 inspiring women leaders from across the globe to share their own real and raw journeys through trauma and healing. The book is a rollercoaster read of emotions as we hear honest accounts of childhood abuse, domestic violence, early widowhood and near-death experiences.
Natasha said, “We have been working on this book for over 6 months as part of wider work with all these amazing women who are really ready to move forward in their lives. They have all been supported by a wide range of therapeutic work that we have undertaken together and everyone has come together, bonding through these shared life experiences – it’s been an empowering project for everyone involved -me included. There is a real sense of power in all of these women’s stories and it’s been an honour to celebrate them in this book”.
The fact that Emma Elizabeth Godfrey found the strength to share her story, only 1 year after being thrown into widowhood after the sudden death of her husband in 2020, leaving her and her daughter to find a way through and rebuild their lives, shows the power of Natasha’s approach to healing and the strength of her clients. Emma is now a highly successful Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Trauma Freedom Coach and Resilience Expert and training in Natasha’s HeartHealing method.
Intuitive Niche and Message Clarity Expert Shamoni Gilani is another perfect example of the impact Natasha’s work is having. Shamoni suffered childhood sexual abuse as a teenager which left her for years with underlying depression and unresolved emotions. After struggling with illness which left her bed ridden for over two years, she started to work with Natasha and within months she saw her physical health improve and a dramatic increase in her business, leading to monthly turnover of over £25K.
Each woman’s story is very different but there are so many parts of their journey that we can all relate to and as Natasha points out “The fact is, we all have things to heal from, whether we believe we have been through ‘trauma’ or not. We all have emotional wounds that haven’t had the metaphorical stitches they need to fully heal and learning ways to move on from these is truly life changing”.
She added: “These incredible women leave you with a strong message of hope, inspiration and optimism as they share their stories of great success after adversity and I hope this will show others what is possible -because when women heal, we change the world.”.
Natasha’s book is available on Amazon Kindle as well as in paperback.