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Burger King Finds That Now More Customers Are Using Online Coupons and Loyalty Rewards Than Paper Coupons

In recent research by Burger King, its customers are now using online coupons more than ever before. Since the food merchant started a targeted online coupon program to increase the number of their mobile app users, lots of customers have been using this avenue to get discounts on purchases. Over the past year, the number of customers who use online coupons has increased by 146%.

Burger King’s Mobile App & Coupon Incentive

Like most businesses in recent years, Burger King is looking to utilise online avenues to increase sales. By releasing a mobile app, the franchise is making an effort to have as many users as possible on its online platform. In view of this, a coupon program has been set up to reward customers who download and use the Burger King app. The goal is to incentivise the online campaign to get customers to start and keep using the app. At the same time, the business wants to learn what appeals to consumers, how to serve them better, and know what deals to give customers.  The approach of Burger King has been successful so far since many people are now using online coupons and loyalty rewards more than paper coupons. In fact, Burger King has increased sales by 9% in the last few months. However, the strategy is not a one-sided benefit.

How Customers Are Benefiting

Customers from different locations have seen this as a way to cope with inflation as it continues to soar. The fact is that Burger King is simply cutting back on paper coupons to direct people’s attention to its app. The coupon and loyalty programs are now available on the App. Buyers have noticed this and are now making the most of the discount offers.

The online coupons can be found on the App and on promo websites like Promocodius.co.uk and these enable buyers to get discounts and free meal items. As Burger King continues to turn its attention to its customers online, the customers also enjoy discounts that help them spend less.

According to the CEO, customers have not really changed their orders. This means that they are not compromising even though prices of certain meals have increased due to inflation which has affected the cost of some ingredients. So, instead of reducing meal combinations, buyers are using the discount and loyalty program to reduce the price of their meals which would have been costlier. Low-income earners are always on the look for ways to spend less on all their purchases. Hence, they are always eager to make an effort to get a discount option that will help them get value while spending less.

A Win-win for Burger King and Buyers

On a broader level, Burger King is looking to increase the revenue of the business, and the strategy is also working. Compared to its competitors, Burger King has been struggling to catch up in revenue value. So, this and other efforts are part of a grand effort to boost the sales of the business. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties — the customers and burger king. It may have been difficult for buyers to keep purchasing the same type of meals as they were before inflation, and it may have affected the sales at Burger King. However, the strategy has helped the business to keep and attract new customers.