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Caerphilly father and son launch thermal imaging business

L-R: Cameron Jones, Darren Jones

A father and son team have launched a new division of their family business, designed to help companies in Wales make workplaces safe and enable businesses to re-open as we emerge from lockdown measures in the fight against COVID-19.

Family business JIT Comms had initially set-up to help support the need for remote working but have now successfully pivoted the business to establish a new thermal screening division.  As the coronavirus lockdown eases, more businesses are considering how to make their premises safe for staff and visitors. One of the main symptoms of the virus is a raised temperature, and thermal screening equipment could therefore make a useful contribution to making workplaces safer, while also acting as a reassurance to employees and visitors alike. 

Many businesses have reported some reluctance for employees in the UK to return to workplaces, with many seeking further reassurances around safeguarding.  Making employees feel safe to return will likely become an important factor for business leaders as they seek to emerge from lockdown.

Darren Jones, father and co-founder of JIT Comms said: “The business owners we have spoken to so far, have already felt that the screening could be an essential part of their return to work processes.   It is inevitable that employees will have some anxiety around returning to populated places such as offices and workplaces.   The accuracy of the thermal imaging equipment means that there is a further level of risk neutralised ‘at the door’, and we hope this will enable our clients to return to work as quickly as they are able to”.

The business will be able to supply and install sophisticated fixed and mobile thermal monitoring equipment for fever and temperature checking, which generates accurate and fast readings.   The equipment available ranges from a smaller, mobile set-up suited to checking a slower flow of people, to a larger structured format, which would be suitable for workplaces with a higher footfall, such as call centres and larger working environments.  

Cameron Jones, son and co-founder added: “Thermal imaging equipment is quite cost-effective, once it is installed, it can remain in place to give ongoing confidence to employees, and of course help visitors to feel safe too.   The equipment can be tailored for almost any workplace whether large or small, and the cost is not as high as people might perceive“.