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Caerphilly’s first £500 recycling winner announced

The first winner of Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Mash for Cash campaign has been announced.

The borough’s Mash for Cash campaign launched on the 7th March and will run throughout 2022 will see houses monitored with one food recycling participant chosen at random each month, with each winner receiving £500.

The campaign aims to increase the number of residents currently recycling their food waste, with current participation levels currently around 40% throughout the borough. In turn, the Local Authority hopes that the increase in food waste recycling would lead to a decline in the amounts of refuse disposal, boosting the overall recycling rates as well as supporting the Councils commitment to reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and thereby contributing to the national and global goals for decarbonisation.

Mrs Susan Jones & Mr Robin Hibbert who reside in Mill View, Caerphilly are the first winners of the cash prize initiative. Mrs Jones said: “We can’t believe we’ve won. We have recycled out food waste for many years so to be acknowledged in this way is amazing. To anyone who doesn’t recycle their food waste, now is definitely the time to start. This money will be a big help at the moment.”

Mark Williams, Corporate Director for Economy and Environment for Caerphilly County Borough Council said: “A big congratulations to Mr Hibbert and Mrs Jones, we look forward to rewarding more champion recyclers throughout the year.

“We as a borough are thrilled to be at the forefront of a campaign that highlights the importance of food waste recycling and its beneficial impact on climate change whilst redistributing public funding back into the community in this way.”

The Mash for Cash winners will continue to be chosen every month throughout 2022.