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Caravan holidays: Creating a home away from home

A caravan is such a versatile way to holiday. You choose the site you want to stay at, get packing and then arrive at your chosen destination – it’s as easy as that!

Not only this, but caravans often feel like a home away from home, as they have great facilities and you can use various decorations to enhance your comfort.

So, if you’re thinking about any last minute caravan holidays, here are a few ways to make them feel even cosier!

Home accessories

You may have your favourite pillow or blanket that you snuggle up to every night – you could even go so far as packing your favourite bedding to really create a home from home.

Even though these changes seem minor, they will help to create the most comfortable stay!

Bring some of your favourite foods

During a caravan holiday, you have the option to use the great kitchen facilities to make some of your favourite foods.

Some places that you travel to might not have your favourite snacks from home, so bring them along to enjoy whilst unwinding during your holiday!

Create a homely aroma

You may be a lover of various relaxing scents – you might even have your standard go-to smell that just reminds you of home.

It may be a good idea to bring a variety of scented diffusers or air fresheners that make you feel comfortable – potentially lowering the stress that can go into organising a holiday.

Home entertainment

As your caravan will become your second home, you might not just go adventuring, but you’ll also want some time to relax inside your caravan.

Therefore, you might want to bring some homely activities to partake in whilst you’re away.

You may have a selection of board games at home that you can use to connect with your holiday group, making time fly by whilst you’re having a chilled day.

Memorable photos

If you regularly travel back to your caravan with the same group of people, you might have some great photos from your trips away together.

Adding these around your static caravan will create an even more homely feel, so every time you walk past, you can reminisce on some amazing memories!

Atmospheric lighting

To create an even better ambiance, you could try some soft lighting, by adding a variety of fairy lights or bring your favourite lamp.

Soft lighting just feels cosier and makes for a relaxing experience, especially if you bring along ones that you’re familiar with.


If you’ve got a green thumb, you may want to bring some new plants to grow to your new holiday home and place them outside or even inside your caravan.

Surrounded by nature, this will make you feel calm and give you something to take pride of whilst you’re away, but remember that you might need to take them home to care for when leaving your caravan site.

With so many ways to create a homely caravan environment, the only difference is that you’re on holiday! How will you decorate your caravan?