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Cardiff Council announces shake-up to rubbish collection dates

Green recycling bags built up on the streets of the St Edeyrns Village housing development in Cardiff

Cardiff Council has announced major changes to how waste and recycling  is collected across the city.

The Council has said that the changes will see collection days change for three quarters of residents in Cardiff, but the changes will ultimately provide a better service that’s more efficient and cost effective in the long term.

From Monday, February 22, you may have a change to the day, week or time your collections take place. Cardiff Council is issuing letters in the next few weeks which will explain how you are affected. If your date changes, it will change for all types of waste, recycling (green bags); food waste, general waste and green garden waste. If your collection date change, you will also receive a letter to confirm this.

In December, the Council announced it was struggling with the additional recycling and waste from the Christmas period, partly due to coronavirus and the impact on its workforce. Under the new system, Cardiff Council add an additional 24 refuse collection vehicles and twenty more full-time staff working to clear the rubbish in a shorter period of time.

What are the changes?

The council currently collects waste from residents’homes using a two-shift system from Monday to Friday. These shifts are from 6am until 2pm and from 2pm until 10pm.

Under the new system, which begins rollout on week commencing Monday February 22nd, waste collections from residents’ homes will take place from Tuesday to Friday and all waste will be collected from the city’s streets by 3.30pm.

When will I find out?

A letter will be delivered to every household in the city from January 26th onwards. Even if your waste collection day is staying the same, you will still receive a letter to confirm your collection day from 22nd  February onwards.

f you do not receive a letter by 12th February, you can contact Cardiff Council on 2087 2087 and they will arrange for a new letter to be sent out to your address.

You will also be able to view your new collection day, and what type of waste to put out each week on the Cardiff Gov app and at www.cardiff.gov.uk/collections  by entering your property address and postcode. This will be updated shortly with the changes.