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Cardiff Men Rank 9th in UK for Most Likely to Cheat

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

While we all deal with self-isolation and quarantines, the results from the National Lying Survey, may make for some awkward conversations…

A nationally representative survey investigated the level of cheating in the UK and found that men from Cardiff made the top 10 for the most prolific cheats in the country!

Placing 9th in the table for being the biggest love rats, one in five Cardiff men admitted to lying to their partner about playing away at some point in their life.

Far from faithful, the positives that can be taken from this study is that they weren’t as bad as their counterparts from Plymouth, where a shockingly high 60% of men admitted lying about infidelity.

Women from Southampton were found to be the biggest cheats in the country, with almost seven out of ten Southampton ladies admitting they’ve lied to their partner about their sexual relations.

The top 10 biggest cheating cities in the UK are:

Rank City (Men) Cheating % City (Women) Cheating %
1 Plymouth 60.0% Southampton 67.0%
2 London 34.4% Belfast 23.6%
3 Edinburgh 33.3% Glasgow 20.8%
4 Bristol 29.4% Manchester 20.4%
5 Glasgow 29.1% Edinburgh 19.2%
6 Birmingham 26.09% London 19.02%
7 Newcastle 24.14% Brighton 18.75%
8 Brighton 22.22% Plymouth 17.64%
9 Cardiff 20.00% Leeds 13.95%
10 Sheffield 20.00% Bristol 13.33%

 The positive news for the (non-cheating) Cardiff men out there, is that Cardiff women were found to be among the most faithful in the UK, placing 4th for lying the least about infidelity.

Only 10% admitted lying to their partner about playing away during some point in their lifetime.

The top 5 most honest cities in the UK are:

Rank City (Men) Cheating % City (Women) Cheating %
1 Southampton 14.8% Sheffield 9.5%
2 Norwich 15.7% Norwich 9.6%
3 Manchester 16.3% Newcastle 10.0%
4 Leeds 16.6% Cardiff 10.3%
5 Nottingham 17.8% Liverpool 19%

At a national level, men were found to lie more than women, with 50.25% of men lying at least once per day compared to just 36.69% of women.

Men were found to lie more than women to their co-workers, close friends, bosses, family in-laws, doctors, traffic wardens and police officers, whereas women were found to lie more to their parents, children and partners.

Of specific lies to romantic partners, men were found to lie more than women in EVERY category apart from one: performance and satisfaction in the bedroom.

A surprisingly high 31.42% of British women admitted lying to their partner over sexual satisfaction compared to just 28.62% of men.

Lies to Partners All Men Women
Location (pretending to be somewhere else) 29.93% 36.49% 24.08%
Appearance (you look better than you actually do) 26.64% 28.26% 25.20%
Performance and Satisfaction in the bedroom 30.10% 28.62% 31.42%
Salary / Bonuses (hiding money or pretending to have more) 24.11% 27.37% 21.21%
Infidelity (lying over cheating) 20.74% 25.58% 16.43%

You can view the full survey results here.