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Cardiff revealed as the Greggs and Dominos capital of the UK

The Welsh capital has been crowned the Greggs and Dominos Capital of the UK according to new research.

In research carried out by FXTM in May this year, they have revealed that Cardiff has 30 fast food franchises for every 100,000 people. This means the Welsh capital has approximately 21.11 more fast food restaurants per 100k people than the UK capital London, which only has 9.39.

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Cardiff is also the Greggs capital of the UK with one Greggs for every 19k people as well as being the Dominos capital of the UK with one Dominos for every 34,000 people.

Birmingham is the city with the most Greggs restaurants overall, while Cardiff takes the crown as the city with the most Greggs outlets per capita.

The data also showed that if you’re a student studying in the city of Oxford, then you have the absolute luxury of 8 pizza restaurants for every 100k people. This makes Oxford the pizza capital of the UK.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Britain has ‘the worst diet in Europe’ and that our consumption of highly-processed junk food is four times greater than countries such as Greece, Italy and France. We also drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee every day.

The FXTM used the most up to date information available from Google in May 2018 to compile the research.