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CatSci eyes new lab in ambitious growth plans


CatSci Ltd, a scientifically-led, commercially-minded and award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, has commissioned a new material science laboratory to expand its integrated drug development capabilities.

The new lab will be operational from 1st June 2021, offering solid state expertise for both emerging and established pharma companies. This is part of CatSci’s £3 million investment plan and is another important milestone of the Company’s journey to become the leading innovation partner for pharmaceutical development.

In many cases, the qualities sought in a drug substance are not well-suited to the drug product. Through fully integrated thinking, with an excellent line of sight of the objectives and challenges of medicines development, CatSci aims to offer scientifically-led, data-backed solutions. The new lab bolsters CatSci’s material science offering, adding strategic value to the journey from molecule to medicine for all customers.

Dr Ross Burn, CEO, said: “Expanding our material science capabilities will enable us to provide a fully sustainable, integrated solution that will ultimately de-risk our customers’ pharmaceutical pipeline.

“Our agile, end-in-mind approach adds true value to both our core customer segments: it helps maximise the chance of small molecule success for emerging pharma companies and, by taking a data-rich approach earlier in the process, we can minimise risks in the latter stages of drug development for large pharma companies.”

Dr Robert Dennehy, Director of Crystallisation and Solid State, said: “By linking an API’s physical properties and pre-formulation development, CatSci aims to break down the silos between drug substance and drug product, expediting medicines development. In addition, the crystallisation development step in small molecule drug development can be one of the most environmentally damaging and less well understood. Opening this lab expands our ability to design and develop scalable and robust crystallisations for our customers, improving the economic and environmental sustainability of their pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. 

“Our experience and expertise across the CMC landscape mean that we fully understand our customers’ project challenges and deliver tailored solutions right first time, every time.”

To celebrate, CatSci will be holding a virtual material science symposium on ‘Material Science in Drug Development: A Holistic Approach’ on 3rd June 2021, for which further announcements will be made in due course.