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Celebrating The Diverse Range Of Businesses With West Wales Awards 2021


West Wales Business Awards has extended the deadline for entrance till Tuesday, 27 April 2021. While no one might have expected a troublesome year that was, it has allowed small and local businesses to flourish and step up to the challenge. With boatloads of development and assurance, our economy had the option to accomplish something beyond endurance, and it was able to thrive. However, West Wales Business Awards 2021 is all about celebrating the local legends that have worked hard to deserve such awards.

The resourcefulness that appeared by individuals from our local area deserves acknowledgment, particularly when they have matched with the difficult work they have embraced in this troublesome past year. The celebration that will happen on Thursday, 27 May 2021, will be full of exceptional aspirations and enterprises that are local in the district. However, these aspirants also enjoy playing a wide range of online casino games by following this link.

Categories for the West Wales Business Awards 2021

  • Small Business: Companies having less than twenty-five employees can nominate for this award. The judges will consider the achievements of companies that flourished within six to 1 year old. The judges will make sure that these businesses are for the improvement of the people and their future. They would want to know the protective steps taken for the business, people and how the company will continue in 2021.
  • Medium to Large Scale Business: This award is for companies with twenty-five and more employees. This business category falls under similar criteria to the small-scale business award. The judges will consider the services, innovative and creative products, along with processes. They will also check the expansion into the new market and the business activities in different areas before giving the award.
  • Family business: This award falls under the similar criteria set for small and medium to large scale business categories. The award will be given for multi-generational enterprises, first-generation companies owned by families, and publicly-owned firms founded by families holding outstanding stakes. The judges will look after the business’s achievements and challenges in the past twelve months.
  • Agricultural business: This award is for food production businesses, agri-business, and businesses that operate in agriculture. The judges will be keenly considering the company’s performance. They will also be paying special attention to the financial and managerial performances that include company strategy, long-term plans, proof of supportability, and environmental awareness. Companies must have a relationship with the rural community to win this award.
  • Training and Development: The award will be dedicated to the companies that have taken significant steps on the ongoing education and training process of their employees. They also have to show how investing in training has brought more success. The judges will consider those companies where the staff has learned the necessary skills to improve their contribution.
  • Manufacturing Business: Manufacturing businesses can participate this award. The judges will keenly observe the company’s financial performance, investment, job creation, industry acknowledgment, awards, and accreditation. They will also consider how many new contracts the company has won, their strong promises to the region, and their broken into the new markets.

Entries for West Wales Business Awards 2021

The West Wales Business 2021 Award is given to celebrate many businesses in Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire. Businesses can send their final entries by Tuesday, 27 April. Apart from 2020 being a troublesome year, this award night will be celebrated as a hope for a brighter future for the business world.