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Changes in Applying to University or College in 2021

While the social distancing, remote studying, and the constant lockdowns may create an impression that the colleges and universities in 2021 have been put on hold, one can still consider applying for university. Before we shall review some changes taking place in 2021, it is vital to check the deadlines. If you have missed the UCAS deadline (29 January), you can still apply for various undergraduate courses that start in autumn, which makes it possible to apply until September 2021. Starting with the UCAS clearing once there are still places at colleges and universities to special scholarship programs, the changes that took place because of the Covid-19 have made it possible for more students to apply.

Awarding Grades in 2021. It became known that students in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales will receive grades that are decided by their academic professors. It will be a combination of mock exams and various written coursework. It will replace the 2021 summer exams that will not take place. It will relate to A-Levels and GCSEs. Speaking of BTECs, the grades are still to be announced in 2021.

The Students Will Receive Their Assessed Grades on 10th August 2021 for England and Northern Ireland. As for Wales, the students will receive their provisional grades in June. It is meant to provide more time to contact relevant schools or colleges before all the assignments are finally finalised. It will also require plagiarism checking to ensure that no assignment has been copied or reviewed twice. You can also check your originality and accuracy by turning to LetsGradeIt website. It will offer certain grammar and plagiarism-detection tools that will help you to keep your exams original.

Some Universities Will Accept Lower Grades in 2021. Of course, it will always relate to the university in question and the course. It has been mentioned that some courses will have their acceptance grade benchmarks lowered, yet it is not confirmed. You can contact your university’s website to clarify things. The reasoning for that relates to a reduction of the entry requirements to let the distant or remote courses offer more learning materials where the final grade will be calculated differently. Still, you will have a plethora of written tasks that may be even more challenging. As a way to find a reliable academic solution, you can consider professional essay writers reviewed. Regardless if you need to overcome the writer’s block or need an expert to proofread your assignment, you can find a specialist who can handle your subject and meet the current academic standards.

What Universities to Consider in 2021?

  1. The University of Oxford. What makes Oxford unique regardless of changes that took place in 2021 is its custom learning plan for every student. You can choose some online courses that will help you to study remotely or watch the news to study at one of the campuses for your course as you continue with your education. According to the World University Rank, it takes the honourary first place.
  2. The University of Cambridge. Taking sixths place in the world’s ranking, it is one of the best solutions for research work if you would like to study in small groups and focus on laboratory work and seminars. You can choose business studies and high-tech subjects since Cambridge has one of the best data analysis environments in the country.
  3. Imperial College London. It is ranked as the 11th best college in the world because of its courses in Engineering, Healthcare, and Business. If you would like to focus on culture through the lens of technology and innovations, look no further.
  4. UCL. London’s Global University has considered the changes that took place in 2021 as it became one of the first educational institutions to consider remote learning, video conferencing, and the use of social media.

Regardless of what you may choose, always take your time to consider your choices and look for updates on your university’s website!


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