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Guide to choosing the best type of windows: double-hung vs single-hung style

When it comes to selecting new types of windows, double-hung vs single-hung styles comparison is a must-have investigation every homeowner must do to assess pros and cons, the level of functionality and ventilation, energy-efficiency ratings, and aesthetic beauty of both options. Thus, the first thing to point out is that single-hung windows are less expensive since they have fewer moving components and their designing and manufacturing technique are much simpler. Such styles can fit into available openings of small rooms with limited spaces, such as bathrooms, and high traffic and crowded rooms, such as halls.

More about the pros and cons of a single-hung vinyl window

Obviously, such windows design won’t deliver expanded and clearer views, and it is better to avoid their installation in rooms where you expect to get excellent ventilation because not all the parts of a single-hung window made of vinyl are movable and able to be used. It has only one operable sash and another one is stationary. It means you cannot open the unit to ensure proper air circulation. Also, it would not be so straightforward to clean and maintain the structure since there will be a need to wash a hardly-to-reach fixed sash from the outside which requires some time and effort. Despite such negative news about this style, a single-hung window still has an array of compelling benefits:

  • cost-efficiency in the long run: experts of home remodeling companies, such as BestExteriors recommend this style for people who strive to renovate the exterior and replace windows but have a tight budget; they ensure that this model is the wisest purchase that still will deliver superior energy-efficiency if installed competently;
  • amazing versatility: apart from vinyl material, it can have aluminum, wooden, or fiberglass frames;
  • enhanced security: the locking mechanism is solid and won’t fail during an entire life period, so no burglars and thieves will break from the outside; moreover, with only one working body section, you will gain better control over locking windows;
  • improved functionality: single-hung options are not susceptible to air leakage, as one part is firmly fixed and won’t cause issues with heat loss;
  • durability: the well-made to last for years construction will exceed your expectations in terms of longevity and smooth operation, and even if some troubles will occur, its repair will not take too many expenses, so you can easily bring back its functionality;
  • hassle-free installation: hiring proficient contractors, it won’t take too long for job execution.

Choose your ideal window match

Now, let’s find out the key difference between double-hung and single-hung windows. The first distinction to highlight is that double-hung alternatives have two mobile sashes, ensuring the better provision of fresh air. They are more customized and can significantly boost your property’s curb appeal. It is easier to keep them tidy and dirt-free. However, it has more elements that can be fractured. And while it has excellent energy-efficiency ratings and a contemporary look, such a choice will require more finances.

Thus, when shopping for the windows, double hung vs single hung evaluation will help you to determine which one will suit your needs. Just decide on your top priorities, what you exactly try to find, and how much cash you ready to allocate for the upgrade procedure. If you are confused and cannot make a decision, then it is better to ask for professional advice. One way or another, don’t go into the renovation process blindly. Always learn the available types on the market, their features, prices, and advantages. Making the wrong pick, you will fail to obtain a good rate of return on your remodeling investment.