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Charity reveals it has been asked for 3,000 body bags for Ukraine

Giving to Ukraine volunteers said grim request is from Polish and Ukrainian authorities

A charity running aid convoys to Poland and Ukraine says it has been asked to supply 3,000 body bags to the war-torn nation .

The grim request was revealed on GB News during a live interview with Nikki Turnbull and Lauren Barclay of Giving to Ukraine, who are currently in a horse box crammed with supplies and heading for Poland.

Nikki said: “I’m heading into Germany, we need to get through Germany by the end of today (SATURDAY), so we’re hoping to get to the Polish border tonight.

Lauren added: “We’ve got a lot of warm clothes and blankets, bedding and pillows.

“But this time we’re also visiting an orphanage of Ukrainian children based in Poland, so we’ve got a lot of toys, teddies, games and things for the children as well.”

Speaking to Alastair Stewart on GB News, Nikki added: “I think the saddest request has actually been 3,000 body bags, so yeah, that speaks volumes.”

Asked who requested them, she added: “I think the Polish and the Ukrainians that are working together.”

She added: “It’s my first time and when the Ukrainian Equestrian Relief Team first went out, obviously no one knew what was happening, so this is the third convoy now.

Lauren said: “It is scary and it is worrying but then you see the reactions to the people that you’re helping and it doesn’t matter how scary it is. Once you see even a little reaction to giving a child a lollipop or blowing some bubbles, it’s really worth like everything that you go through.”

She said a school in Lincoln has been the biggest source of donated supplies adding: “And they’ve just got thousands of things, everything you can think of – toiletries, clothes, pillows, blankets. They’ve provided us with most of the aid.

“And other companies that have reached out and given us things, big companies and small companies. They’ve given what they can, whether they’re closing down and given us leftover stock or just giving us money.”