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Cinema with sofas will change your night at the movies

Cookie dough and ice cream at Everyman Cinema Cardiff

Everyman, an independent network of boutique cinemas has opened its latest five-screen venue in Cardiff.

We went along to see if it lives up to expectations…

Everyman Cinema, Cardiff Bay

The new venue features a bar and lounge space, offering elevated views of Cardiff Bay. So far so good.

The view wraps right around, giving you views of the WMC and Cardiff Bay
Panoramic views of Cardiff Bay from the bar area

How do you book tickets?

Like other well-known cinemas, you can book online at Everyman Cinema or book directly at the venue. The advantage of booking in advance is that you will guarantee your seats. You can view a seating plan of the cinema and pick your seats. However, there is a booking fee for online.

Everyman Cinema seating plan

How do I order food to my seats?

There is no need to be shy. Let’s face it, if you’re going to Everyman Cinema, it’s because you are either here for the sofa seating or the food service (or both). Simply decide what you’re having and place your order at the bar. That’s it.

Everyman Cinema, Mermaid Quay

What does it cost?

Tickets vary slightly in price depending on the day of the week you visit. We booked our tickets online for Friday daytime (Adult £10, Child £8). There was also a booking fee of £1.90. If you book your tickets at the venue or are an Everyman member, there is no fee.

The food menu

The menu features Spielburgers, hand rolled pizzas, sundaes and cocktails – all of which can be delivered to your seats before the film starts. Prices are fairly reasonable as you can see.

Drinks menu at Everyman

First impressions

When arriving at Everyman Cinema, you know this isn’t your run of the mill cinema complex. It looks and feels different. It feels more like a restaurant and bar than a cinema.

Food delivery to your seats sounds like a gimmick, but it was really good. We ordered the double cookie dough with vanilla ice-cream x 2, which came to £9. There must have been a seat service charge of £1, which wasn’t immediately clear. Staff will bring in your food approx. 15 mins before the film starts. They were cutting it close, but it was all fine.

For those of you worried about hearing the munching sounds of others, it was no different to any other cinema. In fact when we went, it wasn’t full and if anything, it was much quieter than we were expecting.

One of five screens featuring Everyman’s signature comfy sofa seating

The seating itself is very nice. It did take some getting used to. You don’t expect to sit on a sofa in a cinema. I’m sure after a few visits, I’ll feel right at home.

From looking at the photos, the screen itself looks fairly low down, which it is when compared to other cinemas. When I booked, I opted for the front row, which was fine, but I did find myself awkwardly looking up. I could just be short. When I book to go again (because I most certainly will), I’ll sit a couple of rows further back.

Overall we had a blast at Everyman Cardiff. It may seem pricey, which it is, but you get what you pay for. Everyman offers a different cinema experience for those that desire it. There was nothing better than chowing down on warm cookie dough in our comfy sofa seats, and that’s the truth.

I didn’t order any alcohol or try their Spielburgers, but I plan to next time.