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Classic Slots that have Remained Popular

With the sudden and fast-paced success of online slots, gamers can forget the origin of slots. Slots like Kingdom slots became popular when they were first introduced in 1894. Since then their popularity has risen and they have adapted and developed to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Have classic slots remained popular?

Classic slots have remained popular and successful. Gamers are drawn to the simplicity and traditional style of classic slots.

What classic slots have remained popular?

There has been a wide range of classic slots that continue to succeed. Here are a few of the most classic slots that gamers still love today.


Use this online slot to be taken back to ancient Egypt. In fact, the Cleopatra slot is among the first slots when slots became originally implemented in casinos. It was always renowned. As the casino industry grew and people began gambling online, Cleopatra then had to become accessible online. Its popularity as an online slot is as remarkable as its performance as a conventional slot. It’s an iconic phenomenon, you might claim. It’s among the biggest pay-outs of any slot as well as an RTP of 95.02 per cent. Gamers continue to love this simple yet addictive slot. 


If you want to talk about a slot that impacted the casino industry this is the one. Megabucks began the trend that is the progressive jackpot. Megabucks is a revolutionary jackpot slot that was released in 1986. It became the first-ever successful progressive jackpot slot. Since then progressive jackpot slots have gone on and become the most popular form of a slot. One of the greatest victories from Megabucks occurred seventeen years ago when a lucky gamer won a shocking £29.6 million.

Blazing 7’s

Another firm favourite slot is blazing 7’s also commonly known as hot shots. The iconic slot with three burning 7s as its logo. It is the first image that I think of when someone mentions a classic slot machine. It has continued to be popular and successful ever since the game was released in the 20th century. The iconic lucky number seven circulates the theme of this slot. What makes this slot even more popular is the fact that it has a progressive jackpot. This iconic slot machine has gained popularity over the decades. It has the original 3 reels that gamers originally fell in love with traditional casinos. Gamers also love how straightforward yet exciting this slot is. 

Wheel of fortune

A classic slot. A classic TV show. The success of this slot can be easily explained. This slot gave gamers the chance to win money while playing a slot related to an iconic television show and they loved it. This started the trend of themed slots. Now gamers can choose from an array of slots based on their favourite television show or film.