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How to clean vinyl siding: common methods to maintain your cladding

To extend the life of the siding and preserve the aesthetic appearance of the exterior, you need to learn how to clean vinyl siding from dust and dirt. You must take care of the tidiness of cladding at least once a year, treating it with protective agents. Therefore, inspect your facade, assess the level of dirtiness, and choose the right strategy for cleaning vinyl siding. The main reason for deep cleaning usually are:

  • your house is located near the high-traffic road, so soot and exhaust gases constantly settle on the surface of the facade; such dark marks will greatly affect not only the appearance of the exterior but also the functionality of the cladding;
  • you live in an area of high humidity; this external factor can significantly affect such beautiful but fragile material as vinyl;
  • due to the lack of sunlight or insufficient ventilation, mold and algae will begin to grow there over time, and the siding will turn green.

Negative outside effects can worsen the appearance not only of vinyl but also of wooden or aluminum siding. However, in the case of vinyl, it will significantly accelerate the aging process of the finishing material. The longer the siding has been in operation, the more the panels are exposed to weathering, ultraviolet radiation, and other environmental factors. The upper protective layer fades and breaks down, the surface becomes uneven and porous, so the bacteria can spread there.

If your cladding has not only visual flaws but also defects in functionality, consider installing new horizontal or vertical siding panels since damaged siding can be the main cause for the loss of energy efficiency and resale value. You can contact a home renovation company such as UBrothersConstruction for consultations. Proficient experts will guide you through the home remodeling process, advising smartly and delivering great outcomes. They will evaluate the condition of your house to determine which repair or replacement works can be needed. Or maybe simple cleaning will be enough.

Warnings and precautions

Before you start the process of removing dirt and stains, you first need to discover the precautions. For example, manufacturers strongly advise against washing it with products containing chlorine since it is a deadly poison for this type of material. Chlorine destroys the outer layer of the siding, making it porous. Dust accumulates there, and the service life is reduced. Vinyl siding cleaners with abrasive components are also prohibited to avoid scratching.

Assess the degree of dirtiness to pick the right approach and vinyl siding cleaner

The choice of cleaning method depends on the degree of dirtiness. Thus, if you regularly clean the facade and it is not very muddy, it will be enough for you to wash the walls with a garden hose. Severe grime can be removed with specially designed detergents. To liquidate mold, fungus, rot, and mildew, you can use an all-purpose homemade solution mixing water with vinegar that is completely safe for vinyl but will kill the main sources of unpleasant look. Applying a pressure washer is a dangerous choice, as there is a high probability of damaging the surface, so it is better not to use this option if you have no experience.