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Closing Medical Business: Tips to Sell Medical Equipment Quickly

Medical equipment is very costly, particularly for patients who are already paying large amounts in medical bills. Many patients have taken it upon themselves to buy used medical equipment to try to lessen some of their medical expenses. The equipment can be found in a wide range of different scenarios such as when medical facilities relocate or close or if medical equipment companies liquidate their inventory.

In addition to buying used medical equipment to save money, folks are opting to sell medical equipment as a means to make a profit. When you only use a device for a certain period of time and no longer have need for it, it’s a good idea to sell it to someone who would have benefit from it. If you have a loved one who passes and leaves medical equipment behind, there are lots of people who could have use for it.  There are several tips and tricks to follow when you’re trying to sell medical equipment.

Tips To Sell Medical Equipment

  • High resale value. Keep up with knowing whether your equipment offers high-resale value. If it’s in good condition and is still being used by medical providers, there is a good chance that there will be buyers looking for it. There is equipment on the market that will be sought after more so than other equipment. The prices for these items are going to be competitive, so you need to think about what resale is when you are buying used medical equipment. The most popular medical equipment items that are available on the market for resale are: 1) wheelchairs, 2) anaesthesia machines, 3) surgical tables, 4) defibrillators, 5) ventilators, 6) infusion and syringe pumps, 7) patient monitors, 8) incubators, 9) infant warmers, 10) surgical microscopes, 11) EKG machines.
  • Before you attempt to sell any of your medical equipment, you should make sure to clean it thoroughly to make it look almost as new as you possibly can. Cleaning it will make sure that it is in selling shape and that it will be the most appealing for the person that may want to buy it for advertising purposes. It will also give you an idea of how used it is so that you can factor this in your price when you try to sell it.
  • After you have it cleaned to the best of your ability, photo it upwards of about five pictures, good pictures, with varying angles which you can use with your advertisements. Make sure that you use a good type of digital camera when you take the shots and that they are clear, that you have someone using the equipment when you take the photos so they can see it works well. Also, make sure that you have pictures of any flaws or damages that the piece may have for full disclosure.
  • Have the ad placed online where there are several places you can advertise for a small fee, e.g. sites that will specialise in particular for medical equipment sales. You could also search online for any type of forums that will relate to medical conditions or disabilities and post the equipment that you have available in case there is anyone who could utilise it.

Many resale shops will buy medical equipment from you for cash or store credit where you can possibly buy medical equipment that you may need in the future. This is a good resource for you to have in case you need it later. You never know when you may need to buy again.