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Common Car Maintenance Tips this Spring

Your car endured harsh conditions during the winter months. On top of the cold weather, your vehicle’s exterior had to endure salt, sleet, mud, and slush. As the warmer spring weather arrives, it’s time to pamper your car and treat it with regular maintenance.

Spring maintenance prepares your car for increasing temperatures, with summer just a few weeks away. Start the new season by reviewing your manufacturer’s warranty. Check if your warranty is near expiration or has expired. You may need to shop for reputable extended car warranty companies to ensure you’re shielded from emergency repair bills.

If you still have an active warranty, it will indicate recommended maintenance schedules to keep your car under warranty. If it tells you that it’s time to bring it to the shop for a comprehensive tune-up, make sure you do it. If not, make sure you do the following basic spring auto maintenance tasks.

Wash Your Car

Winter can damage your car because of exposure to salt and water—both corrosion agents. Deep cleaning your vehicle should take care of winter grime and protect it from rust.

Wash your exterior by starting with a hose. Clean off dirt, salt, and grime from the wheel wells and underneath the car. Apply car soap using a sponge, starting from the top going down. Finally, apply wax for added protection.

Don’t forget to clean your vehicle interiors too. Your winter shoes most likely brought salt and snow inside your car. Wash the floor mats and the carpet. Wipe down and vacuum the dashboard, seats, and all the nooks and crannies.

Open the boot and wash the mats and carpet. Open the bonnet but do not spray water on the engine as you can damage the electric parts. Wipe with a clean rag instead.

Check Your Wipers

You probably made good use of your car’s wipers during winter to keep your windscreen clear from snow. Because of that, your wipers need extra attention.

Clean the blades carefully by using a wet cloth. Check if the wiper fluid needs topping off. After that, get inside your car and activate the sprayers. If that works fine, activate your wipers and check for squeaks. Squeaky wipers indicate that the rubber needs replacing.

Check Your Tyres

Replace your snow tyres with all-weather tyres. Snow tyres are not built for hot weather. Your car will steer slowly because of the block-pattern track. The treads will also generate unnecessary heat, which will cause damage to your entire tyre structure.

Since your all-weather tyres were sitting idly all winter, it most likely lost air pressure. Add air until it reaches the proper tyre pressure. Check the tyre tracks and look for damage or worn-out parts. Since you’re replacing tyres, make it an opportunity to rotate them too. Do this to balance out the wear and tear on the tracks.

Check Your Batteries

Low temperatures made your car battery work overtime. Now that hotter weather is coming, the car battery faces quicker fluid evaporation. Check your batteries for corrosion and fluid leaks. Test for power and boost it if necessary. If your car battery is more than a couple of years old, it might be time to replace it.

Get Your Car Ready for Hot Weather

Spring maintenance is a great time to get your car ready for hot weather. Start by cleaning out the radiator and replacing the coolant so your engine can handle high outdoor temperatures.

Check if your air conditioning is working. Make sure it’s not struggling to produce cool air. If you can hear clanking or wheezing or if it’s not cooling up at all, it’s time to top up the refrigerant.

Inspect your car fluids. Make sure they are at proper levels. If not, replace and refill them.

Spring Is Time for a Fresh Start

After a year of taking you places, your car certainly deserves freshening up. Spring maintenance sets up your vehicle for another year of service. By doing this, you avoid piling on structural, mechanical, and cosmetic issues. Your monthly maintenance also gets easier as you frontload all heavy tune-up tasks during spring.

As summer approaches, don’t forget to bring your car to the shop for its half-year checkup. Take good care of your vehicle as the seasons change and it will be your partner for several years. Keep it up and your car will reward you with good trade-in value too.