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Conor McGregor v. Michael Chandler: Fight of the century

Recently, UFC CEO Dana White told the world that McGregor is going to fight Michael Chandler in a main event for June 29, 2024. Furthermore, the fight between McGregor and Chandler is coming after a long break by both fighters.

However, fight fans thought it was a fluke when McGregor casually said it on January 01, 2024 but was not announced officially. After White’s announcement, it became official and he added that it will be a 170 pounds match.

The question is can McGregor win the fight? It appears McGregor’s fans are urging him on.

Pedigree of McGregor

To date McGregor is ranked the biggest star in UFC. Meanwhile, McGregor has not been present in the ring since 2021. From the records, McGregor’s last fight was in July against Dustin Poirier. McGregor broke his leg and since then has not been active in the ring.

It is on record that McGregor is 22-6 and won last in 2016 and fought only four times the same year. McGregor fought last against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. The 35 year fighter is currently billed to win the match between him and Chandler. If Chandler can stay away from his left hand, then he may have a chance to win.

Pedigree of Chandler

Nevertheless, Chandler has not been a bad fighter. Even though McGregor is more famous, Chandler has had a good career. In addition, Chandler joined the UFC as a free agent in 2020 and won tough matches. Chandler has won 23 matches and lost 8.

Interestingly, Chandler’s base is Missouri, but he trains in Florida and has earned the title of one of the Bellator combatants in history. More so, Chandler is a 3 time champion who won the lightweight division. However, Chandler has lost to amazing fighters like Charles Oliverira and Justin Gaethe.

Who will win the match between McGregor and Chandler?

Some fight fans are predicting that McGregor will win. Besides, going by the records, McGregor has won several more matches than Chandler.

In a nutshell, Chandler may also swing a surprise because a fight between two heavyweights can go either way. Finally, visit Betinireland.ie’s UFC betting page to get more insights on the matchup and explore betting options.