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Conveyancing in the UK: Complete Guide

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Conveyancing UK is a process which involves the transfer of a legal title from one person to another.  Conveyancing UK effectively starts when the vendor has an offer accepted on their house from the proposed buyer.

One of the first parts of the conveyancing process involves the buyers solicitors reviewing the draft paperwork from the vendors solicitors,  this is thought to be the most time consuming part of the conveyancing process once enquiries have been raised.

As part of Conveyancing UK, searches are also requested if the buyer has a mortgage. Again, dependent upon the nature of these searches, further enquiries may also be further raised.

Once draft contracts are received from the vendor solicitors, your solicitor will be in correspondence with you throughout the course of the transaction as to what will need to be covered.

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Conveyancing UK Protocols

As long as conveyancing UK protocols are followed for both the vendor and buyer by the vendors solicitors and the buyers solicitor then it ultimately results in the vendor and buyer being able to proceed to exchange of contracts.

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The conveyancing process is probably one of the biggest moments to take place in a person’s life, why take shortcuts? Pay the fees necessary to ensure your case is being dealt with as much care as possible. You are paying for a service, let the conveyancers deliver this for you.

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Conveyancing Process in the UK

Always wondered what the conveyancing process UK includes? Look no further, we can help!

The conveyancing process UK is a series of stages which involves the vendor being able to sell their property and the buyer being able to purchase that property.

Of course, there are many stages involved in the conveyancing process in the UK for both vendor and buyer and I shall summarize these.

The main stages in the conveyancing process UK for both the vendor and buyer involves:-

Stage 1 – When the offer is accepted

Stage 2 – the solicitors correspond with each other

Stage 3 – solicitors reviewing legal documentation and liaising with each other

Stage 4 – getting ready to exchange

Stage 5- Exchange of contract

Stage 6 – Completion day

The above 6 stages predominantly illustrate the conveyancing process UK In respect of key stages. Both the vendor and buyer are updated as the transaction progresses by their solicitors and of course the agents too. Throughout the transaction documentation is also required to be signed by the vendor and the buyer as per the law society guideline and again this drafted by each parties solicitors.

What can affect the conveyancing timeline?

Despite the conveyancing timeline being pretty straightforward, there are many instances whereby the conveyancing timeline can be affected. This involves third parties being involved i.e. management companies, approval of mortgage offer, leasehold packs and of course how quickly the buyers solicitors and vendors solicitors progress the case.

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