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Corn snake discovered by a dog walker in Bryncae

RSPCA Cymru owner appeal after stray corn snake found in Bryncae

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a corn snake was found in Bryncae, by a dog walker.

The orange snake, which is healthy and in a good condition, was found in the early hours on Saturday (4 March) morning in Bryncae which is near Pontyclun.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West said: “The dog walker was able to confine the snake safely before I was able to collect this very big corn snake.

“The snake is in a great condition so it is most likely to be an escapee and someone is missing it.”

The corn snake is now in the care of a reptile specialist, while the RSPCA makes enquiries.

Ellie added: “I would appeal for anyone with information about a possible owner to call the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018. We would love to reunite this snake with his or her owner.”

Many of the snakes the RSPCA’s officers are called to collect are thought to be escaped pets. The RSPCA would always recommend owners invest in an enclosure suitable for the particular species and that the enclosure is kept secure, and locked if necessary, when unattended. Corn snakes can be extremely good escape artists and will take the opportunity of a gap in an enclosure door, or a loose-fitting lid.

The RSPCA collects more snakes over the summer months. It is possible that some of these are escapees becoming more active in warmer weather.  It is also possible that this could be due to snakes having more opportunity to escape, if owners take them outside to take advantage of the natural sunlight. It is possible to microchip snakes and the RSPCA would recommend that owners ask their exotics vet to do this when possible, so that snakes can be easily reunited if lost and found.

The needs of snakes in captivity are just the same as they would be in the wild and it is vital that owners ensure their accommodation is always secure, safe and appropriate. Reptile owners must thoroughly research the needs of the particular species and what is required in the care of the animal, using expert sources, and only consider keeping one if they can ensure they are fully able to provide for these needs.

If anyone finds a snake they believe is non-native the RSPCA’s advice is to keep a safe distance, monitor the snake and call the charity’s helpline on 0300 1234 999.

For further advice and guidance on caring for corn snakes, see the RSPCA exotics web page: https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/other/cornsnake.