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Could developers make better use of Welsh culture in iGaming?

With England and Ireland featuring heavily in many new gaming and iGaming releases in recent years, you could argue that the unique culture of Wales is something that developers in these sectors should explore more in their games.

There is plenty of evidence that Welsh culture hasn’t been utilised in gaming. Let’s explore how developers could take advantage of this, and what games they could create. It’s also worth examining the impact of the media. Could strong Welsh representation in the media play its part in improving the Welsh gaming scene?

How to target Welsh gamers?

Looking at recent statistics, the popular iGaming releases played within Welsh and wider British casinos have changed drastically through time. The number of casinos across the United Kingdom has fluctuated quite a lot over the years. In 2020, there were approximately 131 premises across the UK. That should keep changing over each year.

In Wales alone, there are seven casinos across various cities. That’s in addition to several websites that offer classic casino activities as part of their offering. Creators and developers want to set their creations apart from the competition. The providers also want to display the most unique set of games and will spend time cultivating a marketing strategy.

You only have to spend a limited amount of time watching TV or exploring social media to see how focused providers are on promoting their games. There are other strategies. For example, iGaming providers such as Paddy Power offer casino promotions, including free chips, spins and even free bets. Those promotions give you an opportunity to experience the platform without any significant upfront investment.

Using elements of Welsh culture and society in games

Those providers contain games from a vast array of developers. Each one will want to create new versions of the more traditional casino activities. That’s where making use of Welsh culture could come into play.

If you explore the big providers, you will see slot machines utilising elements of London, Las Vegas and even ancient Egypt. Developers like Playtech could create a virtual slot machine based on Welsh legends and mystical tales. The most famous of all Welsh tales is the red dragon that appears on the iconic flag. History tells of a fascinating story of two dragons that would appear to be a unique backdrop for a range of iGaming projects.

Some elements of UK culture are featured heavily in video games. One of the most recent examples of this is Forza Horizon 4. The popular driving game explores parts of Scotland and the Lake District. Could Wales feature in a future edition of the series?

Why Welsh media could be involved promote and celebrate a Welsh gaming scene

Over several hundred years, a strong and independent media industry emerged across Wales. In the modern era, advancements of the internet have created newer organisations that report the news and current affairs in a very different way. If a huge Welsh tech and gaming scene does emerge over the next few years, we need to ensure that it receives the global attention it deserves.