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Could Wales become the Next Best Gambling Destination in the World?

With a small population of 3.19 million people in the country of whales, a study has confirmed that over 50% have accounted to be active gamblers. Despite the trend that all the most famous casinos are moving online, the land-based casino industry is still booming, and players still prefer brick-and-mortar casinos for various reasons. Most hotels opt to have an in-house casino for their guests to play at, attracting quite a few tourists. This leaves us with the question – Will Wales become the next gambling destination in the World? We will review a few factors before making a decision.

Laws in Wales Regarding Gambling

The United Kingdom has always been very strict when it comes to gambling, but in recent years the law around this has become more relaxed. Like all countries globally, players need to abide by the gambling laws as set out by the country, and Wales is no different. For any person to participate in a money wagering game, you have to reach the minimum age of 18 years or older. For online casinos, you will have to complete identity verification and an age verification before being accepted. This is all set out to ensure that no minors can participate in real money-wagering gambling.

Casinos in Wales

Even though there are only a handful of casinos in Wales, there is no need to worry as they are spread out between a few cities and come in many varieties. The main Casino hub in Wales is Cardiff, and all the Casinos in Wales are registered and legal, providing for safe gameplay.

Other Gambling Alternatives in Wales

Other than your normal brick-and-mortar casinos, Wales also offers alternative options for gambling, such as racetracks and online casinos.


If you are not a casino type of person and prefer the outdoors, Wales also has racetracks where one can dress up and enjoy a day out in the sun. One of the great things about this is that you do not just have to bet on horse races; you can also bet on greyhound racing. What can be better than enjoying a day out in the sun with all your friends or family having a picnic while betting on your favourite horse or greyhound?

Online Casinos

Not in the mood to leave your room? No problem! Wales has a few online casinos available for those of us who do not fancy the outdoors or crowded places and prefer to sit at home and enjoy a lazy day playing games online. Simply search for an authorised online casino, verify your identity and age and off you go. You can now enjoy playing your favourite slot machine or table games in the comfort of your room.

Tourism in Wales

Tourism is a big factor in almost all countries as it is a major source of income. Gambling is one of the most popular ways to entertain and attract tourists on a night out. Therefore most high-end hotels have an in-house casino that makes it convenient for their guests and any thrill-seeking individual to gamble as we all would like to try our luck. Being able to gamble at the place you stay is a great way to draw tourists as they do not need to go through the hassle of travelling to a different location.

Events in Wales

In 2022 Wales will be hosting many events, including the Hay Festival and a couple of Marathons. This will cause anincline of tourism, as people will travel from all over the UK to join in on the fun. Most people will stay at hotels with in-house casinos and will most probably spend a few hours enjoying a few games.

Poker tournaments are also a big thing in the Gambling industry, and in Wales, it is no different. It is held at the local Casinos and usually commences on a Sunday unless stated otherwise. With Tournaments, you have a big flock flowing from town to town to participate as it is one of the highest stake holdings and creates the largest following in the casino industry.


It is with no doubt that Wales and the rest of the UK have the most adverse weather out there. One Minute the sun could be out, and then suddenly, it is snowing. The casinos, however, are climate-controlled and keep their players warm on snowy and cold days. This makes it the perfect haven to beat the cold. That being said, travelling and staying at the hotel makes it a perfect place to spend your time and enjoy the day, rather than sulk away in your room all day long.

Highlights on why Wales might be the Next Best Gambling Destination or Not…

Below are some key points as to why Wales might be considered to become the next best gambling destination:

  • Variety of gambling options
  • Most hotels have in-house casinos
  • Increase in tourism

However, the question remains: will Wales become the next Las Vegas of gambling? No, probably not, but as the phrase goes, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. There are plenty of opportunities for Wales to grow in the Casino industry; it will just take time. Currently, tourists are flocking to the UK and Wales, which means that the casinos in Wales are getting more exposure than before. Relaxed laws around gambling also make it easier for people to enjoy gambling, whether at a casino, at the racetrack or online.

Gambling is also a nice alternative for tourists when the weather is not permitting you to go out and explore, as the casinos offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, even if it is cold and gloomy outside. What better way is there to keep busy when you have nothing else to do? So if you are heading to Whales anytime soon, why not seek out the hotel’s casino lobby and try your luck by enjoying a game or three?