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Council arranges pet food addition to foodbank supplies

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Swansea residents who make use of the city’s foodbanks and who are also pet owners have access to additional items thanks to the support of businesses.

Swansea Council’s Cultural Services team has contacted a number of local suppliers and they have been overwhelmed by the thousands of items of pet food supplied by these businesses.

Robert Francis-Davies, the council’s cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “The addition of the pet food to foodbank supplies is helping many pet-owning families looking to get through this crisis.

“On behalf of the council, I thank the businesses that have donated to this initiative and the council officers who have made it happen – they’re all here for Swansea at this difficult time.”

The council is supporting the community food banks with essential supplies to ensure they are able to cope with the increased demand, and has set up four food distribution sites in community centres.

Pet food, where required, is now being included in foodbank parcels. It started going out last week, is available at food banks and is included in crisis care packages if required.

The donations included almost 4,000 tins of dog food, 25 cases of dog treats and 8,000 items of cat food.

The goods have been donated by a number of companies, including Pet Superstore Swansea.

Kidwelly-based natural pet food company Burns Pet Nutrition, which already supports over 40 rescue centres across the UK, has donated 30 bags of cat and dog food worth more than £1.2k to the council. A spokesperson for the family firm said: “We’re passionate about supporting people and their pets and want to do everything we possibly can to help the community during this difficult time. We’re pleased to be supporting such a brilliant initiative.”

A spokesperson for the Carmarthenshire-based Cambrian Pet Foods Ltd, which manufactures Gelert Pet Nutrition products and has a pet food plant in Winch Wen, said: “We’re delighted to have donated in total 6,000 cans of cat and dog food to the council’s foodbank initiative. We’re proud to be able to help in some small way those pet parents in Swansea who may be in need or isolated whilst caring for their pets.”

Julie Butcher, marketing director of long-established pet food manufacturer Pets Choice, which also owns the Bob Martin cat litter factory in Cardiff, said: “It’s our pleasure to support people in need with a donation for their pets at such a challenging time. We hope our large donation of food items and treats for cats and dogs helps to make life a little easier for pets and their owners in Swansea.”