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Creative mum of twins turns old umbrella into revolutionary new feeding bib

It is an age-old conundrum that all parents face and yet many still struggle with – how to keep clean when you’re starting to wean. A bib that protects not only your child but the furniture too certainly sounds like the dream and, thanks to one mother’s ingenuity and an old umbrella, it is now a reality too.

Mum of twins, Rachel Wood, turned her own feeding frustration into the “BIBaDO,” an innovative new bib which helps make a lot less mess at mealtimes by bridging the gap between child and chair.

The original umbrella that Rachel turned into the first prototype

Lightweight, stain resistant and waterproof, the BIBaDO’s humble beginnings as a bin-bound brolly have been turned to the advantage of parents everywhere as one of the first bibs to attach not only on to your baby, but directly on to their high chair too.

Launched after weaning her own twin daughters in 2011, Rachel was so frustrated by the lack of choice for weaning bibs, she decided to create her own. The BIBaDO aims to help everyone enjoy mealtimes a whole lot more than they did before by keeping your little one and the surrounding area totally mess free.

Rachel, a dentist by profession, says:

“Nothing seemed to stop the food I’d lovingly prepared for my daughters being dropped, spilt, and thrown all over the place. I found that “first food” joy quickly turned into feeding time fear as anything and everything within touching distance of the high chair suddenly became splattered with food.

“Clearing the twins, the high chair and the two metre blast-zone around the chair after three meals a day (which often included a full outfit change) was precious time I simply did not have.”

Rachel’s lightbulb moment came after one particularly trying feeding session led her to cut up an old umbrella and create the first BIBaDO prototype, designed specifically to catch the food which often gets lost in the gap between a tot and their highchair.  Since this first model, the BIBaDO has been developed closely with other mums in tow. Rachel added: “My mission is simply to make weaning, which should be an exciting time for all involved, as enjoyable as possible for parents and babies alike.

“I’m so proud at what we have created and there is no greater pleasure for me than when mums and dads tell me that mealtimes have gone from being frustrating and stressful to wonderfully enjoyable thanks to the product we have now launched to benefit everyone.”

The BIBaDO can also help babies and toddlers improve their hand-eye co-ordination as they enjoy greater freedom to explore the food in front of them, supporting parents who choose to follow baby-led weaning principles.

BIBaDO has also undergone rigorous safety tests and complies with Article  1,2 and 3 of the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC

For more information, please visit www.BIBaDO.co.uk