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Cycling safety tips for commuters this winter

With nights drawing in, nextbike is encouraging its customers to embrace the change in weather by offering its top tips for staying safe while travelling to work, school or home during the winter months.

Winter can deter people from outdoor activities, however nextbike UK MD Krysia Solheim, said she truly believes that cycling can be an all-weather activity and that customers can still enjoy themselves in the colder temperatures.

“Although the weather is cooler, the huge health benefits that cycling can offer our customers are still relevant,” she said. “We want our customers to feel informed and to ensure they are taking precautions when travelling in the dark.

“We hope that by offering this advice, customers can feel motivated to get outside and embrace the changing weather.”

Figures from 2018 have shown more than 238,000  rentals were clocked up across the UK in the winter months, with more than 405,000 km travelled – which is a further distance than travelling from Earth to the moon (384,400km).

nextbikes are available 24 hours a day and users can register and hire bikes in just a couple of minutes. The cycle-share scheme is one of the cheapest ways to get around a city, with fees starting from as little as 16p per day.

nextbike’s top tips for being safe while cycling 

Be seen

If you’re riding in the dark, it’s essential to wear reflective gear so you are seen by others. Armbands and jackets are a great way to make sure you and others around you are safe on the roads.

Wear thin layers

Thin layers will regulate your body temperature better and they’re easier to lose if you’re working up a sweat!

Go with a friend

Cycling is an excellent group activity so why not call your friends and go for a ride together? This will not only keep you motivated but allow you to catch up with those people you might not see that much.

Be prepared for all weather

In the UK, the weather can be unpredictable so it’s good to be prepared. Gloves and a hat are perfect for keeping the cold out and proper footwear is essential to ensure you can get the most out of your ride.

Embrace the winter

Take the winter weather –  and everything it brings – in your stride. Be prepared to get mucky, be prepared to get cold and just have fun with it!