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Development of Severn View Park Care Home continues

Family members of residents visit the new care home.

Work continues on the development of Monmouthshire County Council’s brand new care home in Portskewett that will open its doors in March 2024 to provide long-term support for people living with dementia and also short-term support in the form of respite.

Severn View Park Care Home brings a bespoke environmental design based upon best practice standards for people with dementia and a relationship centred model of care.

The new innovative and inclusive 32-bedroom care home is being constructed by Lovell’s and funded in a partnership of Monmouthshire County Council, Welsh Government via Gwent Regional Partnership and Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

The four dwellings for eight people will establish a new way of providing care, creating individual households around a communal courtyard garden.

The new design aims to support familiarity for people living with dementia – a sense of home and being at home. Front doors open directly into the home where people and the life of the home would be more familiar than a reception desk and offices. The development of the new home sits alongside a new approach to staffing that aims to ensure inclusion for the residents in all aspects of daily living.

An important aim of the new care home will be maintaining connection with the surrounding community. By connecting and creating new opportunities in the local community through events and shared spaces, residents will maintain a sense of personal identity and inclusion. Shared spaces will be utilised e.g gardens, allotments, village square and village hall where residents and the community will be able to create connectivity.

The brand new care home will innovate the way care is delivered to people with dementia, allowing them to live a life that matters to them. Improving the quality of life for people living with dementia in a care home.

Monmouthshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Care, Safeguarding and Accessible Health Cllr. Ian Chandler said: “It’s exciting to see the development of Severn View Park Care Home. The innovative way of providing care to people with dementia will allow them to truly stay connected to the community. We have a duty to provide for the most vulnerable residents in our community and the opening of this brand new care home will allow people in Monmouthshire to receive the best care possible.”