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DIY Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a crucial part of your home’s overall design and aesthetic. Lighting can evoke many different effects depending on the type you choose, such as pendant lights, lamps, lanterns, and chandeliers, but finding out the right lighting for your home can be a difficult and daunting task. If you’re struggling to figure out the best lighting to illuminate and add character to your home, then you might like to create your own lighting designs to best fit each room. So, if you want to get creative, here are some DIY lighting ideas to help you gather some inspiration.

Furniture lighting:

Lighting doesn’t just have to be confined to ceiling fixtures or lamps. If you’re looking for something different yet still elegant, LED furniture lighting might be perfect for you, and with the Plug and Play LED furniture lighting technology offered by LED lighting retailers, installing these lights is as simple as just plugging them into a power outlet. LED furniture strip lighting looks especially fantastic on kitchen cupboards, giving your home a modern and minimalistic look. What’s more, LED lighting is much more sustainable and long-lasting, saving on energy costs as well as being hassle-free to install yourself.

DIY pendant lighting:

Pendant lights are a classic lighting fixture, hanging from the ceiling to provide light equally across the room. However, rather than just buying a boring pendant lampshade, you could easily create one yourself using simple materials. Copper piping can be used to create geometric-shaped pendant lights, giving an art deco vibe, or you could also use natural materials such as bamboo or hemp string to create orb-shaped lampshades that evoke a rustic atmosphere.

Paper lamps and lanterns:

Creating paper lamps and lanterns is easy and a lot of fun, so this could be an ideal starting project if you’re just getting into arts and crafts. Furthermore, paper lanterns could actually be a great decoration for your garden, especially if you like hosting garden parties. Hanging up a string of paper lanterns can give your garden a cosy and welcoming feel, and if you use colourful paper, these lights can be a fun addition to any festivity.

Glass bottles and jars:

If you want something sturdier than paper lanterns, especially if you’re worried about paper lanterns being easily destroyed by the weather, then using glass bottles and mason jars for your outdoor lighting needs is the perfect solution. It’s extremely simple to repurpose old wine bottles or mason jars and turn them into trendy lights by placing candles inside them, or you could place a bottle or jar over a bulb hanging from the ceiling inside to create a unique pendant light. This would be fantastic if you’re going for a rustic and laid-back atmosphere in your home or garden.

Choosing the right lighting for your home can be a tricky task, but by getting creative and making your own lighting designs, you can find a solution that’s perfect for your individual style.