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Do you have to be good at math to be a live casino dealer?

Casino dealers are under a lot of pressure and there’s a great deal of responsibility that comes with the job. Having said this, there is no shortage of interested people for the job and competition is pretty strong at all levels. Being a dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino pays better and the best part is that you also get great tips. Online casinos have their live dealer sections and they also hire professionals with a unique set of skills. The question that many are asking is how important it is to be good at math in this profession.

Math is important but not sufficient

Being good at math is an obvious advantage if you plan on working as a dealer. This applies both online with popular apps like fruityking.co.uk and in land-based casinos, as you need to calculate the payouts after each round. Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are the games where dealers shine the brightest, and being proficient in math is useful. You must calculate the payouts quickly, while also moving the chips around and paying winners. At high-stakes games and on those occasions when there’s a lot of tension around the table, this only adds to the pressure. 

Some dealers say that in some regards, their profession is similar to performing in a gymnastics competition. That’s because small mistakes tend to compound and unless addressed quickly, they lead to bigger problems. If you’re not confident in your math skills, you might make mistakes and pay more or less than you are supposed to. These can get you in trouble with players and supervisors alike while increasing the odds of making other mistakes because you’re under a lot of pressure.

Other important skills for casino dealers

You don’t need to be a mathematician to be successful as a dealer, but other important qualities are needed. Communication skills are invaluable in this line of work, as you need to be capable of talking to players and your peers clearly and simply. As a dealer, you also represent the casino you are working for, so its reputation is at stake and you need to be a good communicator. Furthermore, the dealer should excel at customer service abilities. In time, you will run into difficult situations where you need to deal with upset clients. Your soft social skills will be much needed in such circumstances.

Math is just one of the analytical skills needed to do a fine job in this profession. Dealers must also have good observation skills, as they need to detect any unfair plays. Granted you are not alone in this mission and have casino staff helping you, you can’t rely on that while doing your job. Having the right set of skills will also deliver long-term benefits, as you will move up the career ladder. Such skills will help you diversify your portfolio of games and excel in other games. If you can keep players entertained and hungry for more, you will be well regarded by the casino.