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Double cat poisoning deaths in Abertillery leaves owner heartbroken

Two cats from the same household have died, prompting an appeal for information from RSPCA Cymru, and a warning to local cat owners.

An appeal for information has been launched by RSPCA Cymru after two cats from the same household were found to have been poisoned.

Tragically brother and sister, Bonnie and Clyde aged around 17 months, died within days of each other after showing symptoms of toxic ingestion.

Owner Michelle Young from Glandwr Street said they are “heartbroken”.

“We are absolutely devastated and can’t believe this has happened,” she said. “Bonnie and Clyde were brother and sister and were part of the family – we have had them since Easter last year.

“We also lost a cat last year to the same thing and he was only six months old. We are heartbroken.”

It was Bonnie who first became unwell on Thursday (7 July) and sadly a vet advised the best thing to prevent suffering would be to put her to sleep.

Clyde then fell ill and was put to sleep following vet advice on Saturday (10 July).

RSPCA Cymru is now issuing an appeal for information and is urging the local community to be vigilant and responsible when storing chemicals and hazardous substances.

RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil: “Our heart goes out to Michelle and her family for losing Bonnie and Clyde so suddenly and tragically. The vets are not able to say exactly what they may have come in contact with but the cats presented with symptoms most likely due to toxic ingestion.

“Following this incident we’re reminding motorists to be careful and ensure chemicals like this are stored securely, and leaks from cars are addressed. If you have any hazardous materials in outbuildings please make sure they are locked away.

“We don’t know if this incident was deliberate or a tragic accident – but responsible steps like this can help keep animals safe within any community.

“Anyone with information connected to this incident should contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Vomiting, a depressed or sleepy demeanour, appearing drunk or uncoordinated, seizures, and breathing difficulties could all be symptoms of a cat being poisoned.

Anyone fearing their cat may have been poisoned should try and remain calm, move the cat away from the source and contact a vet straight away.