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Drunk driver jailed for killing 82 year old Ron Fealey

Katrina Mahoney

Katrina Mahoney, 34 has been jailed for causing death by careless driving, while drunk, after she struck Ron Fealey, 82 on Christmas Eve last year.

Mahoney drove her vehicle along Avenue de Clichy at 40mph in a 20 mph zone and had drunk twice the legal limit, when she collided with the victim Mr Fealey who was crossing the road on the crossing. She has failed to stop at the scene to offer assistance to Mr Fealey.

She drove away with a smashed windscreen leaving bystanders to step into help Mr Fealey and provide emergency care.

Mr Fealey sadly died of his injuries two days later on Boxing Day in hospital as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

Mahoney returned to the scene 10 minutes later after dropping her son off home who was the passenger in the car during the collision.

Victim Ron Fealey who passed away on Boxing Day 2022

Sergeant Debbie Hobrough commented, “Ron Fealey was a much loved, popular community member in the Merthyr area, and he will be sorely missed by his family and the wider community. This was a traumatic experience for the family particularly over the festive period.  Mrs Mahoney will serve a custodial sentence for her reckless actions and lack of care offered to the victim in the immediate aftermath of the crash. The sentence imposed will offer some comfort to the family although it will never replace the hole left from his sudden passing.”

Mr Fealey’s, family paid the following tribute in court, “The rugby club have lost a stalwart member, the church has lost a treasurer, the school has lost a person who taught children to read and write, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have lost a loved grandfather and I’ve lost a father because of one selfish individual who drove drunk with no thought for her own child or anyone who got in her way that Christmas Eve.”

“Our grandfather was one of the most selfless people, helping others and was well known in Merthyr. This woman robbed the town of this man.”

Mahoney, of the Gurnos, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving while unfit through drink and drink driving. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment, and she was also disqualified from driving for seven-and-a-half years.