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Duplexes: Pros, Cons and Unique Features

It would seem that a duplex is the perfect compromise. But it is important to know some of the nuances. Let’s understand them.

What Is a Duplex

A duplex is a house for two families, divided in half. Each part has a separate entrance and there may be several floors. Only one wall and roof is in common with the neighbors. Both sides of the cottage are considered individual dwellings, each with 8-30 acres. The common wall does not have to be between the living rooms. Sometimes it joins the garages, in which case neighbors do not interfere with each other.

Pros of the Duplex

Developers offer much more living space for less than a city apartment. Duplexes are rarely chosen for single occupancy. It is an alternative for a large family, and you don’t have to win the lottery or hit a jackpot at the best online gambling site on real money as it can be with a full house to buy one. The area of a standard duplex is 100-150 square meters. In the category of high-end developments there are houses with large areas, but rarely.

Besides allowing owners to live in a large home for an affordable price, duplexes have a number of other advantages:

  • Few neighbors. Sometimes people choose apartments on the top floor so they don’t have to hear noise from the upstairs apartment. In a duplex, the problem of neighbors is minimized: there is only one family behind a common wall. And if you initially buy a house in half with your friends, the environment will be as comfortable as possible.
  • The presence of the adjacent territory. It is a small area, but it is enough to accommodate a garage, outdoor gazebo, playground, flowerbeds or a place for a barbecue.
  • Infrastructure and ecology. Modern duplexes are often built in already inhabited areas of the nearest suburb. Thus, future residents receive not only a developed infrastructure with stores and educational institutions, but also fresh air.
  • Low maintenance costs. If you own a whole cottage, you fully assume the cost of replacing communications, repairs and restoration of facades. In a duplex, all costs are divided equally between the two families.
  • Convenient to rent. You can buy out both parts – one owner lives in and the other rents to tenants, which you can control without spending too much time.

Cons of the Duplex

The main disadvantage of a duplex cottage is that there will still be neighbors. It’s not a completely private area, as if the house belonged only to you. But it is not an apartment townhouse and a high-rise, where neighbors will be at least three sides. Many owners isolate themselves behind the fence and increase noise isolation along the adjacent wall. It makes sense to get to know your neighbors before you buy a section to see how easy and pleasant it is for you to interact to resolve common issues.

Features of the Duplex

Modern duplexes have several distinctive features:

  • One-piece facade. Regardless of the interior renovation and furnishings on the outside, the house looks like one long cottage of two mirrored parts.
  • A separate entrance to each part of the house. Sometimes one common entrance is made, but it is the two doors on either side of the house for each of the families that are most popular.
  • Two or three stories. The standard layout involves a two-story building, but sometimes developers make duplexes a floor higher.
  • Lots of light. As in many private homes, townhouses often have large and panoramic windows. This is due to a desire to reduce lighting and heating costs: natural sunlight enters the house from the street.

Besides duplexes, there are triplexes – houses for three families and quadro houses – for four families with corner apartments. A larger number of sections turns a building into a townhouse.