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Elsie marks 100 years with community and friends

The community gathered in joy and admiration to celebrate the 100th birthday of beloved local resident, Elsie. The festive occasion was held at the Woodfieldside Old Age Pensioners Hall, where Elsie has been a regular attendee with the Woodfieldside Old Age Pensioners group for the past seven years.

Elsie, reflecting on the milestone, said, “I feel 120! I’m overwhelmed and deeply touched to see everyone here celebrating with me. It’s truly a wonderful surprise!”

Born in 1924, Elsie has lived a life of dedication and service. She served in the Royal Air Force for four years before starting a family. Her hard-working spirit continued as she took up roles in cleaning and bar work until the remarkable age of 75.

The Woodfieldside Old Age Pensioners group, supported by Caerphilly Cares, has had a significant impact on Elsie’s life over the past 7 years. Meeting every Thursday from 2pm-4pm, the group offers residents a chance to socialise through regular meet ups and social events. For Elsie, the group has been instrumental in helping her stay active, maintain her social connections, and keep her senses sharp.

Mayor, Cllr Julian Simmonds, expressed his warm wishes for Elsie, stating, “Happy 100th birthday to Elsie! This celebration is a testament to her vibrant spirit and the strong community bonds we cherish. Services and initiatives like Caerphilly Cares and Age Friendly Communities play a crucial role in supporting our residents, ensuring they have the social networks and activities they need to thrive. We are proud of our ongoing efforts to understand and meet the needs of our communities.”

The celebration of Elsie’s 100 years is not just a milestone for her but a reflection of the supportive and close-knit community of Woodfieldside. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years for Elsie and to the continued success of community initiatives that bring joy and connection to residents throughout the Caerphilly Borough.