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Enchanted Escapade – A Weekend in Wales

Wales is an under-sung domestic holiday destination, on account of its oft-unassuming nature. There are multitudes – and multitudes more than could ever be explored in one weekend. Still, let’s say you have a weekend to spend in Wales, be it a romantic getaway or a family affair. What could you get up to on such a brief, wonderful trip?

Discovering History

Wales’ history is a deep, deep well – and one well worth plumbing, to boot. There is so much to discover up and down the country, and along its stunning coastline, that to distill it all into a paragraph or two would be crass. But let’s try – starting with the castles that stipple Wales’ rolling hills. Of the hundred or more you can visit, Abergavenny Castle is amongst the oldest in the country, having been standing for nearly a millennium!

These monuments to the human endeavour are not the oldest on offer in Wales, though, by a large margin. There’s evidence of prehistoric life in Wales, from rock art to stone circles and far far beyond; start with Llanfaethlu on Anglesey, where a Neolithic village has been recently discovered…

Tasting Adventure

Wales is also the perfect playground for adventure holidaymaking, with its biggest draw in this regard being Snowdonia National Park – the home to Mount Eryri, the highest peak in the land and the mountain responsible for some of the best landscapes you’ll ever witness. Wales’ woodland is similarly breathtaking, and provides some of the twistiest fire roads you can imagine; this makes it a veritable mecca for mountain bikers, from the Dragon’s Back trail in Beics Brenin to Afan Forest Park.

Winding Down

To bring your adrenaline levels back down, there are countless ways you can take a load off in God’s own country. For one, Wales’ culinary pedigree is strong, from rustic local fare in every other pub to the Michelin-starred restaurants that run through its wild landscape. Wales’ unspoiled wildlands are the perfect place to star-gaze, too, being some of the least light-polluted places this side of Northern Europe.

Travelling Safe

Of course, such a dream domestic holiday can only be rendered so by safe travels to and from each of your activities. Spontaneity is a great thing to cultivate, but preparedness trumps all! Before you travel, you should make note of the locations for various amenities and emergency supplies on your chosen route; getting a flat by the South Wales border would be no good at all, save for if you had already researched where to find spare car tyres in Hereford.

You should also have contingency plans for accommodation if a breakdown leaves you too far away to make any prior reservations. Wales is not a country that allows wild camping, but it is pregnant with licensed camping and caravanning sites; a last-minute plot at one of these, and an emergency tent in the boot, could make your holiday all the more enjoyable for some unexpected spontaneity!